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Walk in the Parquet Wood Floor Restoration

Parquet Wood Floor Restoration and Repair.

Work Requirement

Our client had completely renovated their house, and the last room to do was the living room – they had removed the parquet wood flooring around the edges to install central heating and pipes and now wanted them not only replaced but diagonal into the wall before the skirting was replaced rather than parallel as before

Work Activity

The work started by making good the subflooring so that it could receive the parquet wooden blocks
Once this had been done, the client had asked if a threshold could be installed using the parquet wooden blocks that would be the only place in the room where the blocks ran parallel to the double doors leading to the conservatory
This was installed and sanded down to the same level as the rest of the floor

The whole room had the wooden blocks glued into place so that they run into the wall – this took some time to get the edges correct before moving on with the sanding.

The next day, we were satisfied that the floor was now ready to be sanded.

We used the Pallmann Spider rotary machine with a three plate planetary disc holder which we put 40 grit sanding discs, to begin with

We used a Pallmann Gecko machine to sand all of the edges and the threshold in front of the conservatory doors.

The wooden floor and edges were sanded from forty grit, sixty grit and ended the sanding process with both machines on an eighty grit.

The Pallmann Spider was now used all around the floor with a one hundred grit multi-hole sanding disc to leave the wood with a really good smooth finish.

We were now ready to apply Pallmann magic oil which we doubled the hardener in because of the busy area and also a very lively dog was in and out all of the time!!
We applied two coats of the oil which left the floor looking good.


The client was present all the way through the process and couldn’t believe the way the wood floor restored, and she finally had the edges installed exactly the way she always wanted
We left a Pallmann Clean and Go cleaning system and explained the procedure of using it and also discussed maintenance through the year by us returning to carry any work needed doing


The client was so happy with the work overall and didn’t realise that the floor could or would look this good as well as the edging and threshold looking flat and smooth – satisfied that it was dust free throughout the whole restoration and would call us back when needed.


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Oak Floor Maintenance – Heavy Traffic Floor

Regular maintenance of your wood floor can increase its longevity and keep it looking beautiful for longer.  Our experts offer excellent maintenance services for clients who want to improve the appearance of their wood floor. This service is particularly useful for clients who have wood floors in high traffic areas, such as this oak floor maintenance project that Mike Tinkler from Darlington shared with us. The project involved an oak floor in the kitchen and hallway of a family home.

Oak Floor Maintenance – Before

Oak Floor During Maintenance

Mike and the team from Absolutely Floor Restore used specialist products to remove the dirt and scratches from the surface of the wood. It’s very important to choose a professional wood floor maintenance contractor to carry out work like this, otherwise less highly skilled tradespeople risk taking too much of the wood floor surface if they are sanding, reducing the useful life of the floor unnecessarily.

Oak Floor Maintenance – Results

The results of the oak floor maintenance on this high traffic kitchen and hallway are typical results that can be acheived when chosing professional Ultimate Floor Sanding contractors who use the right tools and products. Remember for added peace of mind our work is covered by a two year warantee, we’ll come back to fix any problems free of charge – guaranteed!

Contact Us

Do you have damaged wooden floors in need of maintenance and repair? Call our floor restoration experts on Freephone 0333 93 901 93 or fill out our contact form. Find out more details on our two-year warranty and five-point customer service guarantee by visiting our guarantee page .

Mike Tinkler is the owner of Absolutely Floor Restore in Darlington. Check out their listing.

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why steam cleaners are bad for wood floors

The Steam Clean Lie

My mum was a sucker for advertising if there was some faded Z list celeb endorsing a product somewhere on TV she bought it, which is why when she passed away and we cleared out her house we found two “steam” cleaners used, but put neatly back in their boxes.

So before I start my tirade against these over hyped pieces of nonsense let me start by saying that I am referring to the DIY steam mops you see on product TV and home shows, not the expensive professional pieces of kit that have serious cleaning power (but are definitely not for wooden floors).

So let’s start with the hype and the first one is in the name “Steam Cleaner”. Water boils at 212F and many machines on the market will reach that temperature and at this point the power of water (steam) is indeed very powerful especially when pumped at pressure. However let us consider what you are cleaning, WOOD. If I suggested to a wooden floor owner that boiling a kettle and either pouring the water or injecting that steam into the wood in order to remove surface dirt was a good idea, they would be horrified and quite rightly so, cleaning a wooden floor at that temperature is neither necessary nor desirable.

The second lie is that they are quick, NO THEY ARE NOT. Reading the ebay guide to steam cleaners it states that they take 5 to 15 minutes to heat up, in that time I would have done my kitchen floor twice with a microfibre mop  (more on microfiber later). If the tank runs out of water, you start over again and if you have a big area you may have to unplug it and plug it in elsewhere.

Moving on, the next myth is that they are environmentally friendly because they don’t use toxic chemicals. I am going to split this one up as it is a mixture of lie and misinformation. First off anything made of plastic in China, shipped halfway around the world and that has to be plugged in to achieve a result no better than a (microfiber) mop IS NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY to start with! However the best of the bunch is the toxic chemical thing, so much so I’m going to start another paragraph.

No one ever suggested using toxic cleaners on your floor, the really dumb salespeople use this word the smarter ones use the word “chemical” so let’s look at that word. To start with everything is made of chemicals, trees, food, water even you and me, we have stop allowing people with an agenda to taint innocent words for their own purposes. Every day we wash using soap, we clean our hair with shampoo (well not me I’m bald), we put on deodorant (yep do that one), we clean our teeth (still good on that one too) and we wash our cutlery.

In all these cases we are using chemicals that will come in direct contact with our body and yet the thought of using a chemical on the floor horrifies some people, as our American cousins would say “give me a break” To make sure the “toxic” claim had no validity I did a quick check on the wood floor cleaning shelf, there were none carrying the toxic symbol that would be a legal requirement if they were (toxic). In fact, the ones most sold are PH neutral which is not true of many of the products you use on your body by the way.

So now after telling you not to use these machines on your wooden floor, it’s time to tell what you should use and why.

pallmann clean n go wood floor cleaning kitThe biggest step forward in cleaning for years is not in sophisticated machinery or chemicals it is actually in mops and cloths in the shape of microfibre. This fabric is a mixture of fibres that range from one tenth the width of a human hair up to one hundredth the width, even the cheapest cloths can claim to be antibacterial and antimicrobial whilst the most expensive ones are antiviral. These tiny fibres surround the soil and remove it using a principle call van der Waal force (serious science this) and (get this) for those who hate chemicals they work perfectly well with just water for regular soiling.

AND NOW FOR THE BEST BIT, guess what? All the steam cleaners out there use microfibre mops, the bulk of the work is not done by the steam it’s done by the mop!

So if you want to save money, be faster, more environmentally friendly and prolong the life of your wooden floor dump the steam mop (or just don’t plug it in) and get a micofibre mop kit.

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Pallmann clean and go wood floor cleaning kit

Care Instructions for Wooden Floors

You have just had your wooden floor sanded and refinished and it is looking like new. so how to ensure it continues to look its best?  Here are our care instructions for wooden floors – find out how to protect, clean and maintain your wooden floor.

Care instructions for wooden floors -tips

A lustrous polished wooden floor won’t stay that way for long unless it is looked after. Maintaining that lustre is less troublesome than the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of carpets and most other floor coverings. Your hardwood floor does cope with high traffic usage, does not wear unevenly and is cheap to maintain. It can be re-polished if damaged and requires minimal maintenance if looked after.

Wood floor care – Prevention:

Dirt and grit is a timber floor’s worst enemy! It doesn’t just hide the gleam of polished floorboards; its abrasiveness actually harms floorboards too.

  • Use dirt-trapping mats at each entrance to help prevent sand, dust and grit from being trodden getting inside.
  • Small rugs, or carpet squares just inside the door can also help to remove extra dirt from shoes.
  • Dust daily.

Strong light, particularly direct sunlight can cause a chemical reaction in wood causing it to change colour (aging or weathering).

  • Move rugs occasionally and use curtains or blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight.
  • High heel shoes, especially worn ones, will dent any hard floor surface, even concrete! Encourage your visitors to take off their high heels on arrival.
  • With furniture, it is not so much their weight but movement that damages floorboards. Fit protective pads to the legs of tables and chairs so that they can be moved easily without the risk of scuffing the floor.
  • Pubs, nightclubs etc. should be advised to sweep up broken glass at the earliest opportunity as this is a real enemy of timber floors.

Wood Floor Cleaning

The final section of our advice on care instructions for wooden floors is vital – how to clean your wood floor without causing damage.


  • Keep dirt off the floor. Dust, mop or vacuum regularly & keep doormats clean. (If using a vacuum, make sure that the vacuum doesn’t scratch the floorboards.)
  • Use only top quality microfiber floor mops and thoroughly wash new mops to remove any lint remaining from the manufacturing process.
  • Do not wet mop a timber floor since all floor cleaners are water based. Water can change the moisture balance within timbers and cause floorboards to ridge or buckle so it should be used sparingly and remain on the floor for the shortest time possible.
  • Wipe up spills promptly with a dry cloth or dry paper towel. For sticky substances, moisten the cloth slightly. For hard to remove fatty or greasy spills, spot clean using the products recommended below.
  • Sweep with a clean electrostatic sweep mop (vacuuming is fine too, as long as the vacuum cleaner doesn’t scratch the floorboards)

Pallmann clean and go wood floor cleaning kitWash the floors using the correct product for your finish. Pallmann Magic Oil should be cleaned using either Pallmann Clean or Pallmann Magic Oil Care diluted as per the instructions and can be “topped up” using Magic Oil Care applied neat with a microfiber mop. Similarly, Pallmann lacquers and other water based urethanes should be cleaned using neutral ph cleaners such as Pallmann Clean, again diluted as recommended.

We hope you find our care instructions for wooden floors useful. All info is ©All rights reserved of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company

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wood floor advice for commercial property

Commercial Floor Sanding – Blaenavon Heritage Centre South Wales

Ultimate Floor Sanding were recently completed a commercial floor sanding project that involved restoring a floor at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre in the beautiful mining village of Blaenavon in South Wales. This centre is located in the former St Peters School which was restored and tastefully enlarged to form the focus of this World Heritage site. The restoration work was done several years ago and the high quality wide plank engineered oak floor was now looking tired and grubby.

Early on a site meeting established that the building had underfloor heating, this can be an issue when restoring wooden floors, particularly wide boards, but such was the quality of product used there was no sign of any distortion of the floor at all. During discussions with the client it was established what their need where.

1)      A floor finish that was sympathetic to the look and feel of the building.
2)       Something easy to maintain and replenish without the need for re sanding
3)      Flexibility of application (the budget didn’t stretch to do doing all the areas at once so we needed to be able to “blend in” the bordering areas to be done at a later stage)
4)      A safe product for contractors, visitors and exhibits.
5)      Fast curing

Finishing the wood floor in a commercial premises

As huge fans of the high quality Pallmann wood floor products we were already fairly certain that the very popular Pallmann Magic Oil was the correct product for the job. However, due to the significance of the building and the technical questions posed by the underfloor heating, we thought it would be prudent to invite a technical representative (Mike Hamer) from Pallmann to take a look. Fortunately, after talking to the client and taking a good look at the floor Mike gave us the go ahead to use Pallmann Magic Oil.

wood floor advice for commercial property

Blaenavon heritage centre

The commercial floor sanding project was carried out over 2 days in mid-January. We sanded the floor using our new Spider sanding machine (more of that on another blog) and applied Magic Oil. Due to the number of exhibits, computers etc. we had to be very flexible in our working practices, sanding and finishing some rooms individually and then re-instating them very quickly, something which is just not possible with lacquers. By the end of day two the computer room, main hall, entranceway and teaching room where completely restored leaving a beautiful, easy to maintain finish. The zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) Pallmann Magic Oil finish left no nasty smells and being fully cured in 12 hours was ready for full use the next day.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre, they are genuinely lovely people, this area is well worth a visit. Find out more about Blaenavon Heritage Centre.

If you have a commercial floor sanding or restoration project and would like flexibility in how the floor restoration team complete the project, please contact our team of floor sanding experts at Ultimate Floor Sanding.  Find your local floor sanding specialist.

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Dance Floor Restoration – Bristol

Adrian Cunnington, the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company provider in Bristol recently undertook an interesting commercial floor sanding project, involving the restoration of a very popular dance hall floor in Bristol.  The maple floor was over 40 years old, which meant that as well leaving a smooth as silk finish that looked stunning, Adrian and his team has to professionally sand a floor that had already been sanded on numerous occasions –  without taking off the veneer.  Find out more about how Adrian and his team managed this commercial floor sanding project and see how the dance floor restoration looked in the end!

Dance Floor Restoration – Adrian’s Story

The owner of the dancehall floor was keen to keep the custom of the numerous dancing enthusiasts who use the facility on a nightly basis. It was therefore important that the floor not only looked great but was smooth as silk to make some dance moves possible!

One of the key elements of this dance hall floor restoration project was that we needed to provide a long-lasting coating system because the floor is 40 years old and had been sanded several times before. The issue here is that if a dance floor like this is sanded too many times the veneer will be lost and the floor will need to be replaced.

Using the Ultimate Floor Sanding dust free floor sanding system, we then applied a base coat, followed by three coats of our strongest lacquer, making sure we lightly sanded in between coats to leave a smooth finish suitable for dancing on. I think you’ll agree the results are simply stunning.

Dance floor restoration – Video

Follow the full dance floor restoration project as it unfolds in this video.

This article was written by Adrian Cunnington, one of our expert floor sanding contractors.

If you have a dance floor restoration project or require a floor sanding and finishing service in the Bristol area contact Floor Blimey. Quotes from Adrian and his team are free and are at no obligation, call today on 0333 93 901 93 or visit our floor sanding website at:


If you are looking for a local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please check out our Find a Provider page.


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Pallmann clean and go wood floor cleaning kit

Wood Floor Cleaning Products

The floor sanding experts at Ultimate Floor Sanding will leave your floor looking like new, however, it is important that you implement a care and cleaning regime to keep it looking that way and to ensure that your two-year warranty remains valid, that’s where Pallmann wood floor cleaning products come in!.

The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company’s two-year guarantee is backed up by Pallmann. Pallmann is a German manufacturer specialising in high-quality wood floor treatment and maintenance products. Established over 120 years ago they are unsurpassed in product development and innovation. Pallmann has developed specialized cleaning products for wood floors finished with Pallmann products. The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company is the official distributor of these high-quality care and cleaning products in the UK and Ireland.

Pallmann Magic Oil Care is recommended for use on wood floors finished with Pallmann Magic Oil. Pallmann Magic Oil Care refreshes the floor by topping up the levels of protection provided by the Magic Oil 2K wood surface treatment. Pallmann Finish Care improves the lacquer-coat and the surface of sealed wood and parquet flooring, thanks to its dirt-repellent protective film. When used correctly Pallmann Finish Care can also extend the wear-life of the flooring.

Pallmann Wood Floor Cleaning Products – Clean N Go

Pallmann clean and go wood floor cleaning kitPallmann has also developed a specialist wood floor cleaning kit called Pallmann Clean N Go. The Pallmann Clean and Go kit contains a PH neutral all-purpose cleaner for dirt on wood floors. The kit also contains a Pallmann Clean & Go mop, microfiber cleaning pad and microfiber dusting pad. As with all the Pallmann cleaning products, it is available to buy online from Ultimate Floor Care our online store.

It is important to choose the correct Pallmann wood floor cleaning products to match the finish of your floor. Your contractor will have discussed with you whether your floor is finished with an oil, or a lacquer. At the end of the floor sanding and refinishing process, your Ultimate Floor Sanding Contractor will recommend the correct cleaning product to use on your floor.

If you have any questions about the routine cleaning of your wood floor, of Pallmann wood floor cleaning products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  A more specialised wood floor maintenance service is also provided by the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding experts.

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Restoration of a School Hall Floor

We were asked by a school in Keynsham near Bristol to tender for the complete restoration of a school hall floor. We were delighted to win the contract and proceed with what was an extremely environmentally conscious restoration. The school are very concerned about the environment and the children in their care and this is why we won the contract, we offered something different.

This is a multi-use space with games, drama and lunch to name a few things all happening in there all day every day. It was important that the timber floor (which was maple wood) was protected to a high level, easy to maintain and safe for the environment.


Restoration of a school hall floor – Environmentally friendly solution.

We listened to the school and recommended a product called Magic oil for the restoration of the school hall floor, magic oil is manufactured by Pallmann. Magic oil is a wax oil combination, which protects the wood from the inside and leaves a very hard protective barrier on the surface of the wood – ideal for a school hall.

The work was completed over two days and the newly restored floor was back in use the following day thanks to the fast drying time of Magic oil.

In the future, it will be very easy to “top up” the Magic oil as required. This will add to the protective coating and will eliminate the need for frequent sanding. The school are very happy with the new school hall floor and even happier that we have protected the environment and the children.

If you wish to enquire about the restoration of a school hall floor using environmentally safe products please contact us on FREEPHONE 0333 93 901 93.

This article was written by Adrian from Floor Blimey Bristol. Find out about his commercial floor sanding expertise on his website or view his profile on The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company website.

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Wood Floor Maintenance

Regular wood floor maintenance is vital in order to keep your floor looking its best. So what do you need to do before embarking on any kind of maintenance on a wooden floor? Well the first thing to do is decide what type of finish the wood is treated with, is it a penetrating finish like oil hard wax oil or is a surface type finish (a lacquer or varnish).

Oak floor refinished

Most people know how to spot the latter as the product “sits” on top of the wood and has a certain depth and sheen to it, but they are less sure about the oiled or hard wax oiled floors. Firstly, oiling floors is relatively specialist often people will know that this is what they have. Secondly look to see if there is surface build or if it appears that there is nothing on the surface. Thirdly floors that have just oil will sometimes have a more worn appearance and some signs of penetration by water or other spills.

Hard waxes are the most difficult to spot to the untrained eye as they may well have some surface build and are chemically very resistant, however for these reasons  it is not so bad if you do get it wrong (whilst it wouldn’t be technically correct to clean these floors like a lacquered one and then coat with an emulsion, it would be unlikely to damage them)

The next step is to assess the level of damage done to the floor. An oiled floor (or any of the derivatives) can be cleaned providing there is some oil left on the floor and while this can be done with the neutral pH cleaner and a mop, it doesn’t really make a significant difference. Much better is to use a refresher product designed for this type of finish which will both clean the floor and top up the oil in one go.

With a lacquered floor it is possible to clean the floor with a rotary machine. So what if your lacquered wooden floor looks dull and lifeless after cleaning? What about using a professional emulsion just like you would on some other surfaces? Wood floor emulsions come in basic form and also in a non slip variety and are applied pretty much in the same way as for any other surface, thinly with each coat applied at 90 degrees to its predecessor and avoiding too much build up at the edges.

Effective wood floor care and maintenance is best left to the professionals. Our providers often offer maintenance services to keep your wood floor looking its best. Find your local floor maintenance expert for more details.

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