Work Requirement

The floor had been installed by the owner about eight years ago and oiled but he was now unhappy with the wear of the finish as it was flat and patchy in places so asked the team at The Rolin Group to help.

Work Activity 

There were no repairs to be carried out prior to sanding and the wood was in good condition overall.

We vacuumed the floor to remove any debris that might scratch the floor whilst sanding and to also help prevent any damage it may cause to our machinery.

We choose to use our Pallmann Spider rotary machine and 40 grit sanding discs to begin with – this was the correct grit to begin with because the wood had a tough polyurethane finish which we had to make sure was 100% off.

Once the finish had been completely taken off and vacuumed, we went onto 60 and 80 grits to take out any scratches left by the previous grits and we were left with a clean, smooth wood floor.

After each sand, it’s always important to vacuum throughly before the next one.

The room was being decorated so there were no radiators on walls, no furniture etc etc… but the edges were sanded with an edger and corners were scraped by hand.

After a vacuum, 100 multi hole grit and final vacuum over the floors, it was now time to apply two coats of Pallmann Magic Oil.


The client was on site at all times and watched the progression of his restoration, we discussed how to look after the newly finished floors and supplied a Spray and Go cleaning system as well.


The customer had sanded the floor once before a few years ago and was happy that we got out the drum marks he had left using his hired belt sander and he also liked the Magic Oil finish too.

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Original Pine Floor needing Insulation

Work Requirement –

The Rolin Group were asked if noise insulation could be installed under some original pine floorboards in the top floor bedroom because walking around could be heard downstairs and television noise could be heard upstairs in the bedroom.

Work Activity

We began by lifting and taking away the old carpet and gripper rods which were left there after inspection by us until the day we were going to begin the restoration. Each pine floorboard was carefully lifted but we only had to remove a third of the boards each side because we could slide the insulation through the middle to the other end – it was measured and cut each time for a good fit.

After the whole floor had been insulated, we then began the process of replacing the pine boards using new headless nails and ensuring each one was sunk into the wooden boards before starting the sanding process.

The Pallmann Spider was the machine we decided to use and started with  40 grit discs – the machine had to endure uneven flooring but it was still effective and the edges were sanded using the Pallmann Gecko edger – the edges were interesting to sand because of sections along the skirtings had a black substance on them possibly bitumen which was very difficult to get off indeed!!

After sanding the floorboards from 40 grit to 80 grit which got a lot easier as the sanding progressed the floor was looking really good. At this stage, the customer was very happy and none of the family could hear any conversation downstairs and we didn’t know that the TV had been on very loud after we finished sanding so the insulation worked because we couldn’t hear it!

We applied Pallmann Hard Wax Oil as a sample and the client liked the colour and finish it gave to the pine floor – we rolled two coats of the Hard Wax Oil to the floor after allowing the correct drying times between coats.


Pallmann neutral cleaner was given to the client to use and we discussed maintaining the floor in the future and look forward to returning.


The client was so happy all the way through the process because it was dust free, total restoration of original boards and installation of noise insulation beneath the boards which she wasn’t sure could be done, thanked us very much for our hard work and we have been asked to restore the reception area downstairs.


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Farm Coffee Shop Floor Restoration

Work Requirement – 

The Rolin Group were contacted by a Farm in Cranbrook, Kent asking if we could restore their engineered wood floor in the coffee shop which was part of the farm shop.

The floor also needed repairs and to supply and fit marine plywood behind the counter.

Work Activity – 

The wood floor had underfloor heating and had left stripes across the boards and overall it was dirty and tired looking – we asked for the heating to be turned off so that we could apply the oil with no problems.

There were several boards that needed replacing in front of the counter which we did using spare boards that were supplied by the Manager of the shop.

We also removed the wood in front of the main door and extended the area so that a larger coir matting could be fitted at the request of the owners.

The floor removal from behind the counter was a different story!!!

Once we had taken the altro safety flooring up, we were now faced with a very damp, soft ply wood which was unexpected – we were able to take this up very easily.

The concern now was – why was the ply wet under the safety flooring, is there an unknown leak etc…

We pointed out the issue to the manager and owners and placed a large dehumidifier in the cafe.

This worked very well and dried the floor which allowed us to cut and fit the new marine plywood so it was ready for the Altro safety floor to be fitted.

The source of the leak seemed to be coming from the fishmonger next door using excessive water when cleaning the floors everyday by using a hosepipe with a spray attachment.

We carried out our normal sanding process using a Pallmann Spider,40, 60 and 80 grit sanding discs and a vacuum connected to a dust separator making the job dust free as always.

The boards were finished using a 100 grit multi hole disc and a final vacuum before applying the finish.

The lines left by the underfloor heating were sanded out leaving a good finish to now be oiled. We applied two coats of Pallmann Hard Wax Oil to the floor.

The finish was excellent and we now had very very happy clients, they had felt pads ready to put onto the chairs and tables to help prevent scratching the restored floor.

Conclusion – 

We gave the client a Pallmann Spray and Go cleaning system, explained the method of cleaning  and also a spare bottle of neutral clean.

We also discussed and set up a three times a year maintenance programme in order to keep the floor looking good at all times.

Testimonial – 

I met with the manager and owner the next day who explained that the floor was way beyond their expectations, commented that they liked the fact that whenever they contacted us, we responded immediately and were impressed with the way we worked and quality of our work.

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Through the looking glass in the pine floor

Work Requirement – 

The Rolin Group were contacted by a customer in Goudhurst, Kent to carry out a survey of the first floor hallway which had carpet on top of what they believed to be wood.

Work Activity – 

The carpet was lifted by ourselves and we were looking at original pine boards but as we were reaching the far end of the hallway, a piece of thick glass 75cm x 40cm approx was actually fixed as part of the floor with the boards fixed all around it – we were not expecting that!!!

We suspect that it might have been a sky light previously but underneath on the ground floor there was now a plastered ceiling. We checked to see if the client wanted to keep it there as a feature but once seen, she asked if we could remove it and install pine boards. We removed several boards around it and attempted to lever the glass without out breaking it in case it went through the ceiling below –

The glass had been there for many years and had been fixed in very well and after trying to loosen the glass panel, we decided to have a think of how to remove it later.

We sanded the floor using a Pallmann Spider and went through the grits from 40, 60, 80 and ended with a 100 grit multi hole. We sanded the thresholds also with a Pallmann Gecko ready for oiling. The floor was now ready for the application of two coats of Pallmann Hard Wax Oil – BUT – We still had the issue with the glass in the floor to be removed?!!

I decided to rake out the adhesive that was holding the glass in place from all around the edges and then use a Double Cupped Suction Lifter in the hope it would be enough to finally prise the glass from the joists which was also under part of the skirting board as well.

Success – we began to pull the lifter and the glass panel suddenly went very loose, came out from under the skirting board and lifted away and up!!!

We were now in the position to replace the boards we had taken out and also measure then cut reclaimed pine boards that we had with us. These were sanded once installed, some gaps filled and ready to have Hard Wax Oil applied. Where the carpet had been removed, it now left gaps under the skirting board to the pine boards – we dealt with this by using Pine slivers cut to size and gluing them in place. The Pine floor looked great and the replaced boards once oiled blended in with the rest of the floor.

Conclusion – 

The client was given Pallmann Neutral clean and it was explained how to use it etc… to keep the floor looking good and this job was definitely an unusual one to work on.

Testimonial – 

The client works from home so she was able to see the progress we made with the floor throughout the daytime and said that at one point she really thought the glass would have to stay but was very impressed that we removed it and was extremely pleased with the replacement of the oiled reclaimed boards and the whole floor overall – a very happy customer it’s safe to say.


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Wood Flooring: What’s hidden underneath your carpet?

And they thought the wood flooring underneath the carpet couldn’t be restored!

Work Requirement
I received a call from a couple who were completely redecorating their terraced house and after lifting the carpet, they found a very dirty, worn out looking wood flooring which turned out to be old Pine
We were called to carry out a survey, identify the wood and asked if anything could be done with it or was it just too damaged and old now
I told them that it could be sanded and hard wax oil could be applied to completely restore it – they were a bit skeptical as to how it would look because of its condition – we did a test area and they were satisfied it would greatly improve
Work Activity
The wood floor restoration was needed in the main bedroom and the small narrow hallway upstairs
The client had already filled the nail holes and we checked all of the boards to ensure there were no protruding nails or loose boards before beginning the sanding
The wood floor was level so we decided to use the Pallmann Spider to sand starting with 40 grit on the planetary underneath the machine
The blackened, painted edges were extremely difficult to remove as always but every old pine floor we sand seem to have the edges painted which I believe were done after rugs were laid in the middle of the room to add a finish to that area in the room
Once we had finished the first sand, we proceeded to use sixty and eighty grit discs to complete the floors vacuuming after each sand before proceeding to the next one
The edges in the main bedroom and hallway we sanded using all of the above grits on a Pallmann Gecko edging machine
The Pallmann Spider was finally used with a one hundred grit multi-hole pad as a final sand to leave the wooden floor feeling very smooth
After giving the floors a final vacuum, it was now ready to be oiled using Pallmann Hard Wax Oil
The client popped in from time to time and during each visit, he couldn’t help but stare in amazement and tell us how impressed he was with us and how it looked after sanding – the wooden floor was way above his expectations!!
He did ask about staining the floor but when we showed him a test area with the Hard Wax Oil he said that it was exactly the colour they wanted so we continued to prepare the floor so it was ready to oil
We applied one coat of Hard Wax Oil and returned the next day the apply a second, final coat to the bedroom and hallway
The client and his wife were absolutely astonished at the final outcome of their dirty, old looking wood floor that they thought nothing could be done with!!
We explained the importance of cleaning the wood floor correctly using Pallmann Neutral Cleaner and also maintaining it in the future – they said that they would call us when it needed doing
The clients were beyond happy, to be honest – it was so much more than they were expecting and never really knew what could be done to the floor
We received thanks on the day, a call later in the week thanking us again, a text message saying – ” I have to say the floor looks absolutely fantastic. We cannot praise you and Ben enough for your hard work. Many many thanks” and a Google review as well
They will be calling early to mid-2019 to have the living room and dining room  sanded and oiled
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wood flooring parquet pallmann

Walk in the Parquet Wood Floor Restoration

Parquet Wood Floor Restoration and Repair.

Work Requirement

Our client had completely renovated their house, and the last room to do was the living room – they had removed the parquet wood flooring around the edges to install central heating and pipes and now wanted them not only replaced but diagonal into the wall before the skirting was replaced rather than parallel as before

Work Activity

The work started by making good the subflooring so that it could receive the parquet wooden blocks
Once this had been done, the client had asked if a threshold could be installed using the parquet wooden blocks that would be the only place in the room where the blocks ran parallel to the double doors leading to the conservatory
This was installed and sanded down to the same level as the rest of the floor

The whole room had the wooden blocks glued into place so that they run into the wall – this took some time to get the edges correct before moving on with the sanding.

The next day, we were satisfied that the floor was now ready to be sanded.

We used the Pallmann Spider rotary machine with a three plate planetary disc holder which we put 40 grit sanding discs, to begin with

We used a Pallmann Gecko machine to sand all of the edges and the threshold in front of the conservatory doors.

The wooden floor and edges were sanded from forty grit, sixty grit and ended the sanding process with both machines on an eighty grit.

The Pallmann Spider was now used all around the floor with a one hundred grit multi-hole sanding disc to leave the wood with a really good smooth finish.

We were now ready to apply Pallmann magic oil which we doubled the hardener in because of the busy area and also a very lively dog was in and out all of the time!!
We applied two coats of the oil which left the floor looking good.


The client was present all the way through the process and couldn’t believe the way the wood floor restored, and she finally had the edges installed exactly the way she always wanted
We left a Pallmann Clean and Go cleaning system and explained the procedure of using it and also discussed maintenance through the year by us returning to carry any work needed doing


The client was so happy with the work overall and didn’t realise that the floor could or would look this good as well as the edging and threshold looking flat and smooth – satisfied that it was dust free throughout the whole restoration and would call us back when needed.


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Wood Dance Floor Restoration

Restoration the Police Sports Club Dance Floor

Work Requirement
An engineered wood dance floor in the main Suite of the Metropolitan Police Sports Club hired out for weddings, social functions and Sunday lunches each week etc… was in need of restoration – the floor required urgent maintenance due to the beginning of a very busy wedding season coming up
Work Activity
No repairs were required but it did need a good sanding and re-oiling
We began by using the Pallmann Spider with 40 grit sanding discs which worked very well over the whole floor and removed the scratches, dirt and stiletto heel marks with ease and teamed this up with a dust control vacuum system alongside a  dust separator
We sanded the edges using the Pallmann Rotex edging machine and various discs from coarse to fine
We vacuumed the floor after each sanding and carried on with the sanding discs from 40 to 80 grit and then finished with a 100 grit multi-hole disc to give the floor a nice fine smooth finish before applying the oil
We discussed what type of finish would be good for this newly sanded floor and went with Pallmann Magic oil Ergo which is applied with a Vileda rubber blade on attached to a metal handle which meant it could be done standing up rather than kneeling and using a Pallmann wood floor oil application tool which in this case was brilliant because of the size of the wood floor we were about to oil
Pallmann Magic Oil Ergo is a very hard wearing finish especially good for commercial premises
Once we had prepared the Magic Oil Ergo, it was time to apply it using the rubber blade system
The Ergo went on very well and the wood floor started to look very good
We decided that although only one coat of magic oil Ergo was required, another coat would be applied which was done using the Pallmann Spider, brown pad and a small amount of oil added to the wood floor and then burnished in with the Spider and pad system which helped to also take out any marks on the floor left from the application
After around twenty minutes, a white pad was put onto the Pallmann Spider machine and the whole wooden floor was burnished as a final buff taking out any excess Ergo oil left on the wood floor
We spoke to the management of the sports club regarding the maintenance of the wood floor considering it’s almost constant use and a programme was set up by us and also a Pallmann Clean and Go system along with a bottle of Pallmann Neutral wood floor cleaner for them to use with the system
The Management team later contacted us saying that the wood floor looked excellent after we had restored it which hadn’t been done in fifteen years or more and that the wedding parties were going to be extremely pleased with the new look wooden floor for themselves and their guests
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Kent Rolin Cleaning Services wood floor restoration

Rolin Cleaning Services Kent Show They Are A Cut Above the Rest!

An original village shop required wood floor restoration.

Here’s what happened…

Work Requirement –

I was contacted by a local homeowner asking if the original pine floors could be restored in their house which was the old village shop dating back to the 1880’s

They also wanted repairs made and boards sourced and replaced if possible.

Work Activity –

The floors to be done were in the living room, and dining room which had been poorly sanded and a finish applied very badly about fifteen years ago

In the living room, there were a few boards to replace and several needed to be pinned because they were noisy and slightly moving

The dining room had newer boards added in the past because there had been a dividing wall when it was a shop.

The boards that needed replacing were sourced from a local reclaim yard but were difficult to find because they were 210mm width – the damaged boards were removed and replaced.

There was a knot missing in one board, so we removed a knot from a spare board and made it, so the knot fitted in the hole.

After the boards had been replaced, repaired and pinned we begun the wooden floor sanding process

The floor was uneven in places but the Pallmann Spider did more than cope with this and it sanded very well – there were a lot of deep scratch marks from moving the furniture around over the years.

The difference between old and newly sanded wood was remarkable – the client saw the floor after day one and couldn’t believe it!

We carried out the sanding process in one room at a time as there was some furniture that had been built in the rooms so was now impossible to take out.

We discussed the type of finish that was required and eventually, Pallmann Hard Wax Oil was the choice made.

We had to do 50% of each room at a time because of the furniture situation, but by finishing on the edge of the board, it meant we didn’t get a joint line when oiling next day

The finish was excellent and one very very happy client, we also added felt pads to every piece of furniture and dining room table and chairs to help prevent scratching.

Conclusion –

We gave the client Pallmann Neutral clean to help keep the floor maintained and suggested in investing in a micro mop purely for the wooden floors – also a maintenance programme was set up.

The client was so happy with the job; we have more to do on the first floor of the property and at her business address which is a hairdresser that also has Pine boards

Testimonial –

The client messaged me saying that the wooden floors had blown their minds and they were chuffed, they will recommend us to others and as soon as they begin more restoration work on the house, we will be returning to carry out more wooden floor sanding.

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kent Rolin Cleaning Services Pine Floor Restoration

Pine Floor Restoration: Fine Pine Makes the Grade!

Grade 2 Listed Pine Floor Restoration Project

Work Requirement – 
We were approached to restore pine floors located in three bedrooms of a grade 2 listed house dating back to the 1800’s.
The client wanted boards replaced, the colour white added and then a finish applied
Work Activity – 
The floor in the main bedroom had a hole at the side of one board, the board just inside the doorway was split and we had also noticed treated wood worm damage
I had to visit a local reclaimed yard to source a 220cm width board – there were plenty of smaller sizes and just ONE board that I needed
Back to the job and the existing boards were removed and replaced immediately
I started sanding with a Pallmann Spider but due to the excessive uneveness of the old boards, the Spider struggled to deal with it
I had to get the Pallmann Viper out which made the job much easier and better all round and did all of the floor sanding with an edger completed the sides of the rooms
At this stage, the client was really happy with how the floor was beginning to look
We applied Pallmann white 333 colour to all three rooms which made the pine floor look really good
We returned the next day and applied two coats of Pallmann Pure to all of the rooms which just gave it a nice sheen
Conclusion – 
A Pallmann Clean and Go system was given to the client and additional neutral clean was purchased as well – we will return to carry out maintenance work and we have been asked to restore the living room, dining room and hallway
Testimonial – 
I received a message from the client after returning from working in London to say – “ Wow, wow, wow, the floors look so lovely, thank you so much to both of you, you have made me one very happy lady”
Rolin Cleaning Services Pine Floor Restoration
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Rolin Cleaning Services wood floor restoration

Wood Floor Restoration: Rolin Cleaning Services Makes Their Mark

Wood floor restoration to remove wear marks and scratches

Work Requirement –

A wood floor restoration was requested to nine-year-old oak floor strips which had been sanded before around five years ago

Work Activity –

There was a dark patch of wood which was in front of the sofa worn by feet and shoes which needed sanding.

We also sanded the thresholds as well to improve their look.

The floor was scratched from the owners two large dogs running around.

We used the Pallmann Spider to sand the floor and a Pallmann edger for the thresholds and edges using sanding grits from coarse to fine.

Once the floor was sanded entirely and the dark areas were restored to match the remaining wood, Pallmann Hard Wax Oil was applied which gave a slight sheen as requested by the client.

Conclusion –

We went through the cleaning procedure with the client and agreed on a maintenance program to keep the floor looking great now it has been restored.

wood floor restoration kent rolin cleaning servicewood floor restoration Rolin Cleaning Services KentRolin Cleaning kent wood floor restorationRolin Cleaning Services wood floor restoration

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