floor sanding project Sevenoaks

The Benefits of the Brand – When the unexpected happens

When the floor sanding team from Rolin Cleaning Services attended a property in Sevenoaks, Kent to sand and finish an oak kitchen floor and hallway, the project did not go exactly according to plan. It’s in situations like this, when the unexpected happens, that the benefits of the brand and being part of the largest network of floor sanding professionals in the UK is so important for our affiliates and their customers.

The Project in Sevenoaks

The oak floor in the kitchen was not looking its best, with greasy spillages in front of the stove and dirty flooring in front of the sink unit. The floor also a very old, damp patch that had been left on the floor, with a black mark near the back door

The team started by carrying out moisture tests using the MMS2 machine, a very important part of the process, particularly where there is a history of damp. They then started sanding the floor in the kitchen. Having sanded three-quarters of the surface with 60 grit, the Pallmann Spider floor sanding machine stopped working. This is most unusual as they are the most state of the art floor sanding machines available in the UK.  The team did the usual checks, they went through the steps of checking fuses, plug, sockets, RCD, etc… but to no avail.  It was at this point that the added benefit of being part of a large network came into its own.

How we managed the problem.

The team was able to place a quick call to Stuart at Pallmann, who told them where the nearest recommended repair center was, it happened to be 10 miles away. They drove down there and left the machine in for repair and Stuart arranged to meet them later that day with a temporary replacement Spider floor sanding machine.

They also arranged an order of a spare mains-lead through the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company, who are official distributors of Pallmann products in the UK. It’s always good to carry have a spare!

Late afternoon the same day the team received a call from Delta Tools in South Croydon to confirm that the machine was ready for collection – such great service! It turned out to be a break in the lead and the Spider was all ok!!

The Result

We continued next day and finished the job leaving a great looking oiled floor and a happy and understanding customer!!

It’s when problems like this arise, as they inevitably do in a service business, that the benefits of the brand and being part of a larger organization comes into its own. We were able to get the best help, quickly and resolve the issue with minimum disruption to the customer.

If you are looking for a professional floor sanding service in Kent, we recommend Rolins Cleaning Services. To get a quotation or for more information please contact us or FREEPHONE 0333 93 901 93

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Oak floor repair in Darlington, Co Durham

From the moment your new floor is installed or freshly restored the gradual wear and tear of general family life and foot traffic begins to work away on your beautiful floor finishes. That’s why it’s important to have a good floor maintenance regime in place and to use the best method of aftercare for your floors. Your local Ultimate Floor Sanding expert can advise you on a recommended maintenance regime. They will make sure to share their valuable knowledge on the best, quickest and easiest methods to look after your floors, this helps keep their floors looking beautiful for longer and saves valuable time and money on potentially expensive replacement, or heavy duty maintenance work!

Oak Floor Repair – Hotel Dance Floor

Unfortunately, even with the best care and maintenance routine in place sometimes the need for some emergency repairs to be carried out will arise. Our Ultimate Floor Sanding Company expert in Darlington – Absolutely Floor Restore – were recently called out to a local hotel that had experienced a terrible event at one of their functions that required our floor restoration expertise and also an urgent fix, which we were able to accommodate.

The hotel operator explained that a patron had broken a glass on their packed oak dance floor. Unfortunately, the staff hadn’t been notified by anyone, so the small particles of glass were pounded and ground into their dance floor leaving it scratched and marked and looking rather the worse for wear The manager was pretty upset as you could imagine! To add to the stress of the situation there was a wedding function booked in for the next day at lunch time!

The team at Absolutely Floor Restore went into action over the bank holiday weekend to help get the dance floor back to a reasonable state of repair. The goal being that the damage didn’t impact too much on their lovely surroundings, which were so important to the bride and groom.

Using our expertise and experience Absolutely Floor Restore were able to reduce the visual impact of the deep damage and scratches to the oak timber surface. Using specialist equipment, cleaning and staining agents they accomplished a very good result, in a tight time frame and within a reasonable budget for the hotel operators. The result? A happy customer and a happy bride and groom.

Do you have damaged wooden floors in need of repair? Call our floor restoration experts on 0333 93 901 93

Mike Tinkler is the owner of Absolutely Floor Restore in Darlington. Check out their listing.

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oak floor restoration project

Oak Floor Restoration Project – Case Study

This account of an oak floor restoration project undertaken by the floor sanding experts at Rolin Cleaning Services Ltd in Kent is a very useful insight into the steps involved in sanding and restoring an oak floor. It also highlights the excellent communication that we pride ourselves on. Our years of floor sanding experience mean we are skilled at listening to our clients, so we can deliver the beautiful wood floor they desire.

Oak Floor Restoration Project – First Steps.

I started to use the Pallmann Spider, dust free floor sanding machine with 40 grit discs but I wasn’t getting very far at all – in fact, sanding just 1m2 took forever!! A few phone calls to the team revealed this oak floor had a Ceramic finish – something I hadn’t come across before and apparently not much is about.

On the next day, we managed to get the use of a Pallmann Cobra (Thanks Stuart! ), using 36 grit and it chomped its way through the whole floor in no time. I followed the Cobra with 40 grit sanding discs on the Spider and continued through the grits to finish.

The client was extremely pleased with the results of the sanding and the finish with the Hard Wax Oil. So, if you have a difficult, hard finish on a wood floor that you are trying to sand it’s worth remembering that the finish could be ceramic.

Now for the pine flooroak floor restoration project

I was then asked to sand an old and tattered floor made up of pine boards. The floor came up like brand new. When the time came to decide what finish to put on the pine floor the client became quite indecisive. That’s understandable choosing a finish is a big decision.

We showed the client a sample of Pallmann Magic Oil, Hard Wax Oil and dark brown Pallmann Magic Oil Colour. The choice was his to make – after all he has to live with the floor. After one hour of going from the colour to hard wax oil, I suggested that he could discuss with his family and let me know before the next day. This was a decision we were all happy with.

I received a text saying Hard Wax Oil please. I applied the finish the next day and it left a great finish. The result was a very happy client because he was still amazed at how well the floor look after it had been restored.


Two days later, I received a call asking if I could do the job again because he had changed his mind about the colour and now wanted it a lot darker if possible. I ordered a tin of Pallmann X333 black brown which we applied and then followed this with Magic Oil – the results were amazing and I now have one very, very happy client!

This blog was written by the team at Rollins Cleaning Services in Kent.  If you have an oak floor restoration project of your own or any wood floor that’s tired and worn looking. Why not bring it back to life – call the floor sanding and restoration experts at The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company today on Freephone 0333 93 901 93.


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Dark stain on oak floor

Wood Floor Staining Advice

Mike Tinkler, our wood floor sanding and staining expert in Darlington shares his experience with some wood floor staining advice. Mike has recently undertaken two very different wood floor sanding and staining projects. The first was on a pine floor in Teeside, and the second was a very bold dark staining project on an oak floor in Durham City.

Wood Floor Staining Advice – Pine

The first project was 1920’s pine floor in a rented accommodation. The owner wanted something more modern than carpeting to help attract prospective tenants for her latest rental property. So the finish needed to look good and also be durable. Pine is a beautiful timber – but it was never really designed to be on show as a finely finished floor! One easy way to help make your old pine look like new is to speak to your local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company professional floor restoration expert.

What Mike did

First, we completed some repairs on the old pine and then carried out our revolutionary Dust free sanding process, meaning no mess for the property owner. Once the pine floor was clean and dust free we applied the Pallmann 333. This floor staining product is of a very high quality and in this instance, having consulted with the property owner, we chose a blended mix of dark medium brown. One the Pallmann 333 stain was dry and homogenised, Mike finished the pine floor boards with Pallmann 98 Gold to give the rental property floors their best chance of longevity!

Wood Floor Staining advice – Oak floor with a dark stain

This client was very bold in their thinking and didn’t want to stick with old fashioned ideas on colour. They were having the walls painted grey and wanted Mike and his team to go bold on the Oak with a really dark stain.

What Mike did

We started by showing a few different sample colours on their floor to help them decide on exactly what was right for them. We tested several stains on the oak floor to show the client the potential results. We followed the Ultimate Floor Sanding process as above and in this instance applied Pallmann 333 in ebony black to the sanded floor. The result was beautiful.

Mike says “As long as you have tested the floor stain, and shown the results, balanced the clients thinking along the way, you can achieve something really striking and unique. After all the aim is to help give the client what they desire!
See how the old damaged oak boards have been transformed using ebony black – just look at the gorgeous herring bone effect shining through!”

These really were jobs well done by Mike and his team. Both of the clients were delighted and he has subsequently carried out another 3 jobs for each client and has been recommended on by them many times.

About Pallmann 333 Wood Floor Stain

• Pallmann 333 is a very easy to use product.
• We always recommend that we carry out a test patch on the client’s floor to ensure they like the colour
• We can mix the colours to help to deliver exceptionally unique floors
• Mikes tip is that if you decide on a mix – make a note of % mix in your diary
• Our experts will protect your skirting boards and fireplaces against oil contamination
• We are not afraid to be bold! if our client desires something different, we’ll work with them and their expectations – as Mike recommends just test and show!

Remember the beauty of working with timber is its ability to be remodelled, reshaped, recoloured, and restored! Experts like Mike know and respect its limitations.

Contact Mike

If you would like to speak to Mike or one of his team of floor sanding and staining experts in Darlington, freephone 0333 93 901 93

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Parquet floor restoration Bath

Parquet Floor Restoration in Bath – Beware the Builder

Beware of the builder who says I can do that for you! I’ve said it before and it’s true. Anyone can sand a timber floor and get a result. But to get that professional finish takes training, experience, and the correct equipment, as I saw again recently with a parquet floor restoration in Bath.

As a timber floor sanding professional I see many cases of DIY timber floor sanding that have gone wrong. In most cases, it’s the sanding that people find difficult because they may not understand how to sand a floor or how to use the hired equipment properly to get an acceptable finish. That’s understandable though because most people have no DIY experience, let alone sanding an entire wood floor. But if your builder said to you “I can restore your parquet floor”, you would probably say “ok go ahead”, after all, he’s a builder and should know all there is to know about timber floor sanding right?

No, not always.

Parquet Floor Restoration in Bath – Beware the Builder

We were called by a family in Bath to look at a timber floor in their small hall. They had been doing some renovation work at the house and the builder had done a fantastic job of the kitchen. Unfortunately, he then had a go at sanding the parquet floor with his small belt sander. This created a lot of dust and left scratch marks on the wood floor. He then finished the floor with a product from a local DIY shop. As he is not an expert he didn’t realise it was not suitable for the species of timber and did nothing accept accentuate the poor sanding (see photo).


Paquest floor restoration Bath - before

Parquet floor restoration Bath – before

When the owner returned from their holiday they were less than impressed with the results, so they called us to complete this parquet floor restoration in Bath.

Parquet Floor Restoration in Bath – What we did

We sanded the floor back to bare timber, removing all of the finish the builder had applied. This gave us a platform from which we could work. Then using our dust free floor sanding machines we finely sanded the floor to make it ready for the application of oil. The customer is very conscious of the environment so the hard wearing Pallmann Magic Oil was a great choice as it is a natural product that also looks fantastic. It accentuates all of the characteristics of the parquet floor while protecting the surface at the same time. The work was finished on time and the customer was very happy with the finished result. We even fitted a new complimentary door matt! What do you think of the final result?


parquet floor restoration Bath - afterFloor sanding is a skill. Using the machines correctly and understanding how different finishes work takes years and even the most experienced professional will learn something new every day.

If you have discovered a timber floor and are interested in having it restored by a professional FREEPHONE us today on 0333 93 901 93 to arrange your free survey and quotation.

This blog was written by Adrian at Floor Blimey.  To find out more about out professional floor sanding services in Bath visit his floor sander provider page on this website or check out Floor Blimey website.

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how to get scandinavian white wood floors

Whitewashed wood floor – How to get the Scandinavian look

The Scandinavian whitewashed wood floor look is currently very fashionable and regularly requested by our clients. It’s worth knowing a little about it. The traditional Scandinavian approach to achieving this look is to white oil the floor followed by the application of a soap treatment. This method will eventually deliver a less than pristine white but it is true to the traditional Scandinavian whitewashed wood floor look and feel. The result is a natural looking floor what will develop more character over time. The orange tones of some timbers can spoil the overall look of the white finish in some people’s opinion. If you want the very palest look it is possible to pre- treat the timber with either softwood or hardwood lye depending on the species.

Whitewashed Wood Floor – Maintenance

how to get scandinavian white wood floorsWith the traditional approach it is important to keep in mind that like those nice white shoes or clothes, a natural white is harder to keep clean. Although the required care and maintenance of this oiled finish is relatively easy, it is more frequent than most people want. We generally recommend that you wash the floor with specialist white floor soap. This should be required between two and four times a month, depending on traffic and use. When used regularly, a soap membrane is formed that protects the wooden floor against grease, dirt and depletion.

Whitewashed wood floor – Alternatives

If the traditional method of achieving the Scandinavian whitewashed wood floor look is not really your cup of tea, there are two alternatives. A more modern approach that achieves a similar look is white tinted, catalysed oil. This option requires less regular maintenance and is our preferred option for non- traditionalists. A second option is to stain the floor white and then apply a lacquer over the top of the stain. This method gives additional control over the shade of white that can be achieved, long term it also means that any damage to the floor is virtually impossible to disguise without a total re-sand. The choice is yours.

Call out experts

If you are considering a bleached white Scandinavian look for your floors, talk to one of our floor sanding and finishing experts today. Find your local contractor.

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parquet floor restoration case study

Parquet Floor Restoration – Case Study

Chris and the team at Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration in Wales recently completed a parquet floor restoration project on a beautiful historic property in Wales. The project required some specific customer service provisions as well as the expertise and efficiency of our qualified professional floor sanding ad restoring team. Find out more about Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration’s parquet floor restoration project and see how it turned out.

Parquet Floor Restoration Project – Customer Requirements

We were approached by a lady who was looking to have some wooden floors restored in her 300 year old property. When we arrived to carry out our initial survey the floors were found to be in a challenging state having been reclaimed from a church some years ago and poorly fitted by the previous occupant. After sitting down with the homeowner a plan on how to tackle the Parquet floors was agreed but this was not going to be straight forward though as we had a strict timescale to adhere too as well as the level of work required in restoring the floors to their former glory. It was agreed that we would work on the dining room, hallway and lounge.

Parquet floor restoration - before

Parquet floor restoration – before

This home is used to foster young children who require a high level of attention due to various challenges and behavioural problems they suffer from. As we are a professional caring company the home owner’s requirements were adhered too. We agreed to arrive after the children had left for school, splitting the rooms into different days and then by leaving the property when the children returned home later in the day.

Parquet floor restoration – the process

After getting set up, the first thing we needed to do on this parquet floor restoration project was to strip back the floors removing years of old varnish in order to obtain a nice flat, level floor. Some of the parquet flooring  blocks were up to 5mm higher than others and there were a number of holes that would need to be repaired.

Parquet Floor - After sanding

Parquet Floor – After sanding & Repair

Once the sanding and filling process was competed we had a lovely looking floor and it was time to apply the finish, which in this instance was going to be oil. The wood floor finish we chose offered significant benefits to this particular home as in the event of any damage or mishaps the floor could easily be repaired without the need to have to sand the floor again, which would be an upheaval given the circumstances involved.

The lounge was the largest of the three rooms we worked on and also required the most amount of restoration work. The end result was fantastic and the home owner was very impressed with the attention to detail especially around the edges and in the corners. There were some missing skirting boards that had yet to be fitted meaning the floor went straight to the walls. The walls had only been repainted prior to our arrival, the homeowner could not believe how we had managed to remove the old dark varnish without damaging their new paint! Our parquet floor restoration was complete – we had transformed their tired old dark floors back into magnificent looking parquet.

Parquet Floor Restoration – The Finished Product

Parquet Floor - After Magic Oil 2

Parquet Floor – After Magic Oil 2

This article was written by Chris Poulson at Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration in Wales. Thanks to Chris and his team for sharing this case study on parquet floor restoration.

For professional wood floor restoration in Wales and surrounding areas call Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration on Freephone 0333 9390193 or direct on 01269 843491.

If you are looking for an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please Freephone 0333 9390193 or check out our Find a Provider page.


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moisture in wood floors - moisture reading

Case Study – Floor Boards Shrinking – Find Out Why

Art of Clean, the Cambridgeshire based wood floor sanding affiliate to Ultimate floor sanding has had a real interesting encounter recently. Here is their story:

An engineered oak floor was sanded and sealed using Pallmann’s high end primer and lacquer finish in the late summer of 2015. Our client just had a new kitchen installed and when the old kitchen cupboards got removed he noticed the lighter floor where the old units covered the floor. He loved this so much he asked Art of Clean in Cambridge to come in and sand and finish the engineered wooden floor.

To ensure we delivered the lightest finish possible we specified Pall x 325, a water based primer followed by Pall x Extreme with hardener as the lacquer,

Explains Pierre de Wet, the owner of Art of Clean

Our team worked extremely had on restoring the floor and took great care sanding around the newly fitted kitchen. In most cases it is far better to get your kitchen wood floor sanded and finished BEFORE you fit a new kitchen as this eliminates the risk of scuffmarks to your new units.

We finished the floor sanding and the client was really happy with the outcome.

Floor Boards Shrinking – 6 Months Later

About 6 months later Art of Clean received a call and the client expressed their concerns that some gaps had formed between the wooden boards in the kitchen.

wood floor moisture metre

Tramex Moisture Metre –
Taking a moisture reading from a wood floor

Not to worry – We are here to help! so Pierre went off to inspect the wood floor.  We conducted the investigation using Tramex high end moisture and temperature meters and we discovered that the room is very warm and that the relative humidity in the air was very low. This basically means the air is very dry; therefore the wood floor will let go of moisture retained inside of it, in turn this will cause the boards to shrink in size.

Change in Relative Air Humidity caused Gaps

It was at this point that the client shared the fact that following the kitchen install they also had the old boiler replaced. It all suddenly made sense. Due to a much more efficient boiler the room is much warmer and dryer. Our advice was to turn down the heating and allow some air movement by opening windows.

Once the relative humidity has increased the floor boards will reach equilibrium with the air surrounding it and will return back to normal.

Why the Ultimate Guarantee is Important

Had an inexperienced floor sander been contacted about this problem they might have opted to fill the gaps and re-finish the floor. The problem with this solution is that once summer comes and the floor absorbs moisture from the air again, the wood floor will start to expand. As the gaps have been filled, the floor will buckle as it expands.

This is one example of why it is so important to choose a professional, experienced, wood floor sanding company. The Ultimate Two Year Guarantee on our work means that our contractors will do a thorough investigation to understand the cause of problems and our experience means we will find the right solution to solve any issues.  That’s why our customers say we provide the ultimate peace of mind!.

What to do if you notice gaps in your wooden floor:

Always consider what might cause the change in the environment. 

  • Was a new boiler fitted?
  • Have living arrangements changed – If you are at home more and the heating is on during the day it will have an impact on the air in your home.
  • In some cases rugs on floors can cause heat to get trapped especially if you have under floor heating on your wooden floor.
  • Is your cleaning process leaving too much water on the wooden floor – that can cause swelling of the floor boards

Always get a professional’s advice before you take drastic action

This article was written by Pierre de Wet at Art of Clean, thanks to Pierre and his team for sharing this case study.

For professional wood floor restoration in Cambridge and surrounding areas including Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Ely, Huntingdon and Haverhill please call Art of Clean on 01223863632

If you are looking for an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please check out our Find your Local Floor Sander page.

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A Professional’s Advice – Don’t DIY

DON’T DIY: Why you should have a professional sand your floor. Past experience from a floor sanding professional.

I recently received a call from a distressed customer who had attempted to sand and finish his newly laid floor. It was a reclaimed, rosewood herringbone floor that he laid himself (and done a very good job), so it was clear that he had a real passion for woodwork and wanted a unique floor that he could show off to visitors, along with the pride of knowing he had completed it himself.

He had done a lot of research online about floor sanding, and after laying the floor, he rented a few sanders from a hire shop and proceeded to sand the floor. Once he thought it was ready to seal, he bought the best floor lacquer he could find from the local hardware store (Ronseal Diamond Hard) and applied it as suggested online.

Rosewood Floor after DIY Sanding


When the varnish dried he realised that he had made a mess of the floor and it did not turn out as he wanted. The varnish highlighted all of the imperfections in the wood and turned it a very dull grey/brown colour.

When I went to inspect the floor he was embarrassed about his work, but I assured him that a lot of people like to try floor sanding themselves with rented machines…and they ALL mess it up! The sanding machines are incredibly powerful, they require a lot of practice to master, and are guaranteed to destroy your floor if you have not used them before. He continued to tell me that it was the hardest task that he had ever attempted in his life, which is no surprise since floor sanding is very strenuous labour and requires a lot of strategic effort.

On top of the know-how on how to operate the machines in the correct manner, a professional floor sander will have the knowledge of how to finish a floor correctly. Rosewood is an exotic timber that cannot be finished using a water-based varnish (which Ronseal Diamond Hard is), which is why the wood produced such a horrible colour. We take every action we can before having to use solvent based products, however, there are a few exceptions in which there is no other option, and rosewood is one of them. Using solvent based products is not recommended without the correct safety gear, which most people do not have access to.

Rosewood Floor after Professional Sanding

After sanding the floor using the best sanding machines available, I finished it with a hard wearing, satin lacquer to provide the best durability possible. It looked like a completely different floor! The grain in the wood was really emphasised, and it brought back the beautiful dark brown colours that makes the floor stand out.

So to summarise: my customer wanted a beautiful floor, he tried to sand it himself, he made a mess of it, and had to pay a professional to fix it. If he would have paid a professional at the start, he would have saved himself the money he spent renting the sanding machines, the money he spent on the incorrect lacquer, and A LOT of backache (and embarrassment)!


If you would like beautiful wooden floors and want them sanded professionally, please contact one of the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company’s affiliate members near you today. Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unrivalled in the UK and Ireland, and provide the unique 5 point Ultimate Guarantee to ensure each and every one of our customers are happy with the end result.

If you have a wood floor restoration project or require a floor sanding and finishing service call today on 0333 93 901 93

If you are looking for an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please visit our floor sanding contractors page.

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White Oak Restoration in Coventry

The project requiring a white oak restoration in Coventry came about because the house was being renovated from top to bottom.  During the renovation the hall carpet was lifted and revealed a 50-year-old white oak floor.  Instead of covering it with a new carpet the new homeowner wanted to restore the floor to its former glory.

White Oak restoration in Coventry – What we did.

The old finish had discoloured and darkened leaving the floor a dark brown colour.  It was covered with dust, paint, plaster and all sorts of contamination.  Using our Pallmann dust free floor sanding system we set to work removing the old finishes to reveal the true colour of the white oak floor.  We flattened the floor and left it really smooth.  We filled holes that were caused by the carpet gripper rods by using the finer sawdust that our sanding system had collected and mixing it with a Pallmann resin product making the holes invisible – perfect preparation!  We completed the white oak restoration in Coventry using Pallmann Magic Oil 2K, an excellent product that gave the floor a natural, velvety finish.  A perfect finish that enhanced the natural beauty of the white oak floor.

White Oak restoration in Coventry – Before and after


The homeowner now has a white oak floor that they are proud of and that is covered with the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company 2-year floor sanding guarantee giving our client peace of mind.

Professional Floor Sanders

This article was written by Chris Bailey of Bailey’s Floor Care, an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company approved contractor.

If you have a wood floor restoration project or require a floor sanding and finishing service in and around Leicester, then contact Bailey’s Floor Care. Quotes from Chris and his friendly team are free and are at no obligation, call today on 01530 249 370 or visit their floor sanding website at www.FloorCareSpecialists.co.uk/services/wood-floor-sanding-restoration/

If you are looking for an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please check out our Find a Provider page.


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