Wedding Venue Wood Floor Refurbishment

The clients aim was to restore The Bell Barn, their wedding venue oak floor. This was part of a major on going investment in refurbishment of the complex.

Difficulties to overcome
Removal of deep scratches in well worn areas.

Work Carried Out
Removal of all debris and dirt, using the DC1800 & Vacuum Pipe.
Using the Pallmann Spider and our dust free specialist sanding equipment, we removed the old layers of lacquer and all deep scratches and scuffs.
Once the floor was fully sanded and dust free, we protected it using Pallmann 98 Gold Lacquer.
The customer allowed a full week of drying before we added an additional coat of protection with Pallmann Finish Care.

A full, consistent vacuuming of the area after every area is essential between grits. This removes any rougher sanding grit and debris.

The client was delighted and has since given us a further three floors to restore.


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Ultimate Darlington Parquet Floor

Parquet Floor: Pure Gold!

Gold Parquet – We strike gold, 98 Gold that is!

The client’s aim was to lovingly restore a beautiful old Oak Parquet floor back to its former glory using our help & expertise.

Difficulties to overcome:

There were quite a few loose tiles that required attention first. Also, the noses of the steps had become worn & loose too & required refixing.

Work required – carried out:

Our Dust Free specialist sanding equipment helped us to remove layers of old seal & deeper scratches and scuffs; we also filled gaps in the tiles to blend the overall look of the floors. Once the floors were clean & dust free, we proceeded to protect the floors with Durable PALLMANN 98 GOLD LACQUER.


Many people are not aware of the dangers of sanding dust (please use appropriate personal protection equipment), eg. we are lead to believe that some of the old bitumen type floor seals may contain asbestos particles! So please be aware!


The client was very happy & delighted with the results. They have recommended us to carry out some more work for their friends.


Ultimate Parquet Floor Darlington

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absolutely pine floor restoration darlington

All Fine with the Pine! Pine Floor Restoration

Pine Floor Restoration Fir Tree, County Durham by Absolutely Floor Restore

Aim of Job:

Pine floor restoration of a kitchen and utility room. The client needed a quick turnaround on this work as they were imminently expecting their first child!


Difficulties Overcome:

We removed kickboards from the kitchen area to ensure that there was no risk of sanding up against them.

Other workmen were on site so we liaised with them in a friendly manner to ensure work was carried out effectively and productively.

The weather (snow) had delayed us a few days which added to the time pressure to get the job completed and dried in good time.

Previously the floor had been sanded by another party, unfortunately they had sanded across the grain and removed quite a lot of extra material. Thus weakening the structure of the boards and leaving unsightly cross cut lines in the floor. We overcame this using our specialist, dust free rotary sanding machine, the Spider!

Work Carried Out:

Gaps scraped, vacuumed and filled. By using filler between the gaps in the boards we helped bring back some additional stability to the floor.

Dust free sanded, edged and corner sanded until the surface was fully prepared for hard wax oiling.

First coat of oil finished with an additional top coat of protective oil once this was dry.


TIP: If the floor you are working on is really flexible, you need to consider the use of hard wax oil rather than using lacquer. This is because an unstable floor can result in too much movement in the floor that can undermine the adhesion of the lacquer! Hard wax oil can cope with bigger flexibility in movement.



The client returned home from work took one look and exclaimed, “Is that really my floor”. This is a common response that we hear from customers.

Our customer could not believe how good the result was and didn’t imagine that it was possible.



Some people believe that new/replacement is the only option and that their floor is ‘beyond restoration’. This isn’t true in most cases!!

Pine Floor Restoration County Durham Absolute

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Oak Floor Maintenance – Heavy Traffic Floor

Regular maintenance of your wood floor can increase its longevity and keep it looking beautiful for longer.  Our experts offer excellent maintenance services for clients who want to improve the appearance of their wood floor. This service is particularly useful for clients who have wood floors in high traffic areas, such as this oak floor maintenance project that Mike Tinkler from Darlington shared with us. The project involved an oak floor in the kitchen and hallway of a family home.

Oak Floor Maintenance – Before

Oak Floor During Maintenance

Mike and the team from Absolutely Floor Restore used specialist products to remove the dirt and scratches from the surface of the wood. It’s very important to choose a professional wood floor maintenance contractor to carry out work like this, otherwise less highly skilled tradespeople risk taking too much of the wood floor surface if they are sanding, reducing the useful life of the floor unnecessarily.

Oak Floor Maintenance – Results

The results of the oak floor maintenance on this high traffic kitchen and hallway are typical results that can be acheived when chosing professional Ultimate Floor Sanding contractors who use the right tools and products. Remember for added peace of mind our work is covered by a two year warantee, we’ll come back to fix any problems free of charge – guaranteed!

Contact Us

Do you have damaged wooden floors in need of maintenance and repair? Call our floor restoration experts on Freephone 0333 93 901 93 or fill out our contact form. Find out more details on our two-year warranty and five-point customer service guarantee by visiting our guarantee page .

Mike Tinkler is the owner of Absolutely Floor Restore in Darlington. Check out their listing.

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Oak floor repair in Darlington, Co Durham

From the moment your new floor is installed or freshly restored the gradual wear and tear of general family life and foot traffic begins to work away on your beautiful floor finishes. That’s why it’s important to have a good floor maintenance regime in place and to use the best method of aftercare for your floors. Your local Ultimate Floor Sanding expert can advise you on a recommended maintenance regime. They will make sure to share their valuable knowledge on the best, quickest and easiest methods to look after your floors, this helps keep their floors looking beautiful for longer and saves valuable time and money on potentially expensive replacement, or heavy duty maintenance work!

Oak Floor Repair – Hotel Dance Floor

Unfortunately, even with the best care and maintenance routine in place sometimes the need for some emergency repairs to be carried out will arise. Our Ultimate Floor Sanding Company expert in Darlington – Absolutely Floor Restore – were recently called out to a local hotel that had experienced a terrible event at one of their functions that required our floor restoration expertise and also an urgent fix, which we were able to accommodate.

The hotel operator explained that a patron had broken a glass on their packed oak dance floor. Unfortunately, the staff hadn’t been notified by anyone, so the small particles of glass were pounded and ground into their dance floor leaving it scratched and marked and looking rather the worse for wear The manager was pretty upset as you could imagine! To add to the stress of the situation there was a wedding function booked in for the next day at lunch time!

The team at Absolutely Floor Restore went into action over the bank holiday weekend to help get the dance floor back to a reasonable state of repair. The goal being that the damage didn’t impact too much on their lovely surroundings, which were so important to the bride and groom.

Using our expertise and experience Absolutely Floor Restore were able to reduce the visual impact of the deep damage and scratches to the oak timber surface. Using specialist equipment, cleaning and staining agents they accomplished a very good result, in a tight time frame and within a reasonable budget for the hotel operators. The result? A happy customer and a happy bride and groom.

Do you have damaged wooden floors in need of repair? Call our floor restoration experts on 0333 93 901 93

Mike Tinkler is the owner of Absolutely Floor Restore in Darlington. Check out their listing.

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Dark stain on oak floor

Wood Floor Staining Advice

Mike Tinkler, our wood floor sanding and staining expert in Darlington shares his experience with some wood floor staining advice. Mike has recently undertaken two very different wood floor sanding and staining projects. The first was on a pine floor in Teeside, and the second was a very bold dark staining project on an oak floor in Durham City.

Wood Floor Staining Advice – Pine

The first project was 1920’s pine floor in a rented accommodation. The owner wanted something more modern than carpeting to help attract prospective tenants for her latest rental property. So the finish needed to look good and also be durable. Pine is a beautiful timber – but it was never really designed to be on show as a finely finished floor! One easy way to help make your old pine look like new is to speak to your local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company professional floor restoration expert.

What Mike did

First, we completed some repairs on the old pine and then carried out our revolutionary Dust free sanding process, meaning no mess for the property owner. Once the pine floor was clean and dust free we applied the Pallmann 333. This floor staining product is of a very high quality and in this instance, having consulted with the property owner, we chose a blended mix of dark medium brown. One the Pallmann 333 stain was dry and homogenised, Mike finished the pine floor boards with Pallmann 98 Gold to give the rental property floors their best chance of longevity!

Wood Floor Staining advice – Oak floor with a dark stain

This client was very bold in their thinking and didn’t want to stick with old fashioned ideas on colour. They were having the walls painted grey and wanted Mike and his team to go bold on the Oak with a really dark stain.

What Mike did

We started by showing a few different sample colours on their floor to help them decide on exactly what was right for them. We tested several stains on the oak floor to show the client the potential results. We followed the Ultimate Floor Sanding process as above and in this instance applied Pallmann 333 in ebony black to the sanded floor. The result was beautiful.

Mike says “As long as you have tested the floor stain, and shown the results, balanced the clients thinking along the way, you can achieve something really striking and unique. After all the aim is to help give the client what they desire!
See how the old damaged oak boards have been transformed using ebony black – just look at the gorgeous herring bone effect shining through!”

These really were jobs well done by Mike and his team. Both of the clients were delighted and he has subsequently carried out another 3 jobs for each client and has been recommended on by them many times.

About Pallmann 333 Wood Floor Stain

• Pallmann 333 is a very easy to use product.
• We always recommend that we carry out a test patch on the client’s floor to ensure they like the colour
• We can mix the colours to help to deliver exceptionally unique floors
• Mikes tip is that if you decide on a mix – make a note of % mix in your diary
• Our experts will protect your skirting boards and fireplaces against oil contamination
• We are not afraid to be bold! if our client desires something different, we’ll work with them and their expectations – as Mike recommends just test and show!

Remember the beauty of working with timber is its ability to be remodelled, reshaped, recoloured, and restored! Experts like Mike know and respect its limitations.

Contact Mike

If you would like to speak to Mike or one of his team of floor sanding and staining experts in Darlington, freephone 0333 93 901 93

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