wood floor advice for commercial property

Wood Floor Advice for Commercial Property Owners

The options open to the commercial property owner when it comes to selecting a floor surface are bewildering these days with every manufacturer screaming that theirs is the most durable, the funkiest, the easiest to clean etc., etc. The reality is that the most acceptable “look” to the greatest number of people is the “natural look”, so whatever the actual make-up of the product is, it is often trying to look like wood. Little surprise then that many high-end commercial designers are shunning the “faux” wood alternatives and are taking inspiration from upmarket residential trends and opting for the benefits provided by natural wood flooring.

We can all understand the visual appeal of a real wood floor, even the best fakes are still just that, but concerns over the durability and maintenance of wood as a floor have been in peoples’ minds for some time and yet with the advent of modern finishes, machines and maintenance products, most of these concerns can be relegated to the history books. Similarly, issues with subfloor moisture content have entered the thought processes of many a specifier but moisture issues also manifest themselves with LVT (the best of the faux products) and even sheet vinyl albeit in a different way. Better buildings and moisture barrier products have also helped eliminate those concerns provided they are properly specified and applied.

So accepting that real wood floors are desirable (estate agents in the UK and America consistently report that properties with wood floors sell faster and for higher amounts) what are the other benefits?

Let’s start with sustainability. First, the production of wood flooring is virtually 100% sustainable, wood literally “grows on trees” so aside from the mineral resources used in harvesting and manufacture, we can go on producing it ad infinitum. For the real “greens” out there reclaimed wood flooring is not only environmentally friendly it is currently very trendy, often being laid with all the old finish, sports lines etc., still on it creating a patchwork of colours and textures that designers currently love.

Moving on, the importance of air quality in modern buildings has been on the agenda for some time and organisations such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA have recognised the benefits of hardwood flooring in reducing allergic reactions caused by dust and other allergens.

The third benefit is repairability. How many surfaces can you take out sections where damage has been caused and stitch in new material with no visual clue as to where the problem was. I will also include re-surfacing under this category, most damage can be simply sanded away, revealing perfect wood once again at a fraction of the cost of a new floor.


The fourth benefit is change of appearance. This one confuses some people, but if you select a good timber you can change the colour of your floor from Scandinavian white to Jacobean oak black (or anything in between) in a matter of days, totally changing and updating your premises without major upheaval or cost.Finally, let’s talk about maintainability because it’s the one definitely relevant to FM companies. This is the one I get most calls about from cleaning contractors because our history of wood flooring in the UK is not a long one and there is a general level of ignorance on the correct procedures. A well maintained wooden floor will have a long and glorious life without the need for regular re-sanding if it is properly maintained and by that I mean entrance barrier matting, regular dry mopping, cleaning with a neutral ph cleaner and then using a refresher or dressing that is appropriate to the finish.

Finally, let’s talk about maintainability because it’s the one definitely relevant to FM companies. This is the one I get most calls about from cleaning contractors because our history of wood flooring in the UK is not a long one and there is a general level of ignorance on the correct procedures. A well maintained wooden floor will have a long and glorious life without the need for regular re-sanding if it is properly maintained and by that I mean entrance barrier matting, regular dry mopping, cleaning with a neutral ph cleaner and then using a refresher or dressing that is appropriate to the finish.

As you can probably tell I am passionate about timber flooring but I am also concerned about the lack of knowledge in how to specify, fit and maintain floors using the correct products and processes. That’s why my team of Ultimate Floor Sanding Company experts are here to help.  Give us a call if you need advice on restoring, cleaning or maintenance of your commercial wood floor.

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Dance hall floor restoration Bristol

Wood floor restoration in Bristol – Commercial Projects

Looking for professional wood floor restoration in Bristol? The wood floor at your business or commercial premises may have got to the point that it’s tired, scratched and worn looking and in need of professional restoration. We understand that it’s important your business is an attractive place for your customers but that any ‘down time’ can cost money! Our floor sanding and restoration system is designed to be fast and effective and DUST FREE, and what’s more we promise we will be finished when we say or earlier!

Commercial Wood floor restoration in Bristol – Flexible Hours

Clients with commercial or business premises who require wood floor restoration in Bristol or Somerset often need the restoration work to take place outside of business hours. This is particularly the case with retail units, hotels, bars and restaurants that want to minimise the impact on customers. Our operators are familiar with the requirements of busy commercial and business premises, having completed many similar projects. We are happy to provide the option of completing wood floor restoration work to commercial premises outside of business hours.


Our wood floor restoration system

Our experienced team of operators providing wood floor restoration in Bristol and Somerset can help you restore the wood floor at your business using proven methods and sealing products. These high-quality finishing products are suitable for the high traffic areas common in commercial premises and will keep your wood floor looking great for longer.

Environmentally Green – Wood Floor Treatment Products

Most floor sanding companies use heavy solvent based sealing products, which are bad for the environment. The Pallmann, commercial grade finishing products we use are all either solvent free or extremely low in solvent content, making them environmentally friendly. All our wood floor restoration experts in Bristol are approved by Pallmann as Parkettprofi contractors, which means their work is covered by a two-year product guarantee. This type of Pallmann backed guarantee is totally unique within our industry and sets The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company apart from our competition.

Contact our wood floor restoration experts in Bristol

If you have a business or commercial premises that requires wood floor restoration services in Bristol why not contact Adrian, your local Ultimate Floor Sanding approved contractor. Freephone 0333 9390193 (it’s free from landlines and mobiles) and arrange a no obligation quotation. Find out more about Adrian and his team on the Bristol floor sanding provider page.

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wood floor advice for commercial property

Commercial Floor Sanding – Blaenavon Heritage Centre South Wales

Ultimate Floor Sanding were recently completed a commercial floor sanding project that involved restoring a floor at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre in the beautiful mining village of Blaenavon in South Wales. This centre is located in the former St Peters School which was restored and tastefully enlarged to form the focus of this World Heritage site. The restoration work was done several years ago and the high quality wide plank engineered oak floor was now looking tired and grubby.

Early on a site meeting established that the building had underfloor heating, this can be an issue when restoring wooden floors, particularly wide boards, but such was the quality of product used there was no sign of any distortion of the floor at all. During discussions with the client it was established what their need where.

1)      A floor finish that was sympathetic to the look and feel of the building.
2)       Something easy to maintain and replenish without the need for re sanding
3)      Flexibility of application (the budget didn’t stretch to do doing all the areas at once so we needed to be able to “blend in” the bordering areas to be done at a later stage)
4)      A safe product for contractors, visitors and exhibits.
5)      Fast curing

Finishing the wood floor in a commercial premises

As huge fans of the high quality Pallmann wood floor products we were already fairly certain that the very popular Pallmann Magic Oil was the correct product for the job. However, due to the significance of the building and the technical questions posed by the underfloor heating, we thought it would be prudent to invite a technical representative (Mike Hamer) from Pallmann to take a look. Fortunately, after talking to the client and taking a good look at the floor Mike gave us the go ahead to use Pallmann Magic Oil.

wood floor advice for commercial property

Blaenavon heritage centre

The commercial floor sanding project was carried out over 2 days in mid-January. We sanded the floor using our new Spider sanding machine (more of that on another blog) and applied Magic Oil. Due to the number of exhibits, computers etc. we had to be very flexible in our working practices, sanding and finishing some rooms individually and then re-instating them very quickly, something which is just not possible with lacquers. By the end of day two the computer room, main hall, entranceway and teaching room where completely restored leaving a beautiful, easy to maintain finish. The zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) Pallmann Magic Oil finish left no nasty smells and being fully cured in 12 hours was ready for full use the next day.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre, they are genuinely lovely people, this area is well worth a visit. Find out more about Blaenavon Heritage Centre.

If you have a commercial floor sanding or restoration project and would like flexibility in how the floor restoration team complete the project, please contact our team of floor sanding experts at Ultimate Floor Sanding.  Find your local floor sanding specialist.

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Dance Floor Restoration – Bristol

Adrian Cunnington, the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company provider in Bristol recently undertook an interesting commercial floor sanding project, involving the restoration of a very popular dance hall floor in Bristol.  The maple floor was over 40 years old, which meant that as well leaving a smooth as silk finish that looked stunning, Adrian and his team has to professionally sand a floor that had already been sanded on numerous occasions –  without taking off the veneer.  Find out more about how Adrian and his team managed this commercial floor sanding project and see how the dance floor restoration looked in the end!

Dance Floor Restoration – Adrian’s Story

The owner of the dancehall floor was keen to keep the custom of the numerous dancing enthusiasts who use the facility on a nightly basis. It was therefore important that the floor not only looked great but was smooth as silk to make some dance moves possible!

One of the key elements of this dance hall floor restoration project was that we needed to provide a long-lasting coating system because the floor is 40 years old and had been sanded several times before. The issue here is that if a dance floor like this is sanded too many times the veneer will be lost and the floor will need to be replaced.

Using the Ultimate Floor Sanding dust free floor sanding system, we then applied a base coat, followed by three coats of our strongest lacquer, making sure we lightly sanded in between coats to leave a smooth finish suitable for dancing on. I think you’ll agree the results are simply stunning.

Dance floor restoration – Video

Follow the full dance floor restoration project as it unfolds in this video.

This article was written by Adrian Cunnington, one of our expert floor sanding contractors.

If you have a dance floor restoration project or require a floor sanding and finishing service in the Bristol area contact Floor Blimey. Quotes from Adrian and his team are free and are at no obligation, call today on 0333 93 901 93 or visit our floor sanding website at:


If you are looking for a local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please check out our Find a Provider page.


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