parquet floor restoration case study

Parquet Floor Restoration – Case Study

Chris and the team at Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration in Wales recently completed a parquet floor restoration project on a beautiful historic property in Wales. The project required some specific customer service provisions as well as the expertise and efficiency of our qualified professional floor sanding ad restoring team. Find out more about Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration’s parquet floor restoration project and see how it turned out.

Parquet Floor Restoration Project – Customer Requirements

We were approached by a lady who was looking to have some wooden floors restored in her 300 year old property. When we arrived to carry out our initial survey the floors were found to be in a challenging state having been reclaimed from a church some years ago and poorly fitted by the previous occupant. After sitting down with the homeowner a plan on how to tackle the Parquet floors was agreed but this was not going to be straight forward though as we had a strict timescale to adhere too as well as the level of work required in restoring the floors to their former glory. It was agreed that we would work on the dining room, hallway and lounge.

Parquet floor restoration - before

Parquet floor restoration – before

This home is used to foster young children who require a high level of attention due to various challenges and behavioural problems they suffer from. As we are a professional caring company the home owner’s requirements were adhered too. We agreed to arrive after the children had left for school, splitting the rooms into different days and then by leaving the property when the children returned home later in the day.

Parquet floor restoration – the process

After getting set up, the first thing we needed to do on this parquet floor restoration project was to strip back the floors removing years of old varnish in order to obtain a nice flat, level floor. Some of the parquet flooring  blocks were up to 5mm higher than others and there were a number of holes that would need to be repaired.

Parquet Floor - After sanding

Parquet Floor – After sanding & Repair

Once the sanding and filling process was competed we had a lovely looking floor and it was time to apply the finish, which in this instance was going to be oil. The wood floor finish we chose offered significant benefits to this particular home as in the event of any damage or mishaps the floor could easily be repaired without the need to have to sand the floor again, which would be an upheaval given the circumstances involved.

The lounge was the largest of the three rooms we worked on and also required the most amount of restoration work. The end result was fantastic and the home owner was very impressed with the attention to detail especially around the edges and in the corners. There were some missing skirting boards that had yet to be fitted meaning the floor went straight to the walls. The walls had only been repainted prior to our arrival, the homeowner could not believe how we had managed to remove the old dark varnish without damaging their new paint! Our parquet floor restoration was complete – we had transformed their tired old dark floors back into magnificent looking parquet.

Parquet Floor Restoration – The Finished Product

Parquet Floor - After Magic Oil 2

Parquet Floor – After Magic Oil 2

This article was written by Chris Poulson at Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration in Wales. Thanks to Chris and his team for sharing this case study on parquet floor restoration.

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wood floor advice for commercial property

Commercial Floor Sanding – Blaenavon Heritage Centre South Wales

Ultimate Floor Sanding were recently completed a commercial floor sanding project that involved restoring a floor at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre in the beautiful mining village of Blaenavon in South Wales. This centre is located in the former St Peters School which was restored and tastefully enlarged to form the focus of this World Heritage site. The restoration work was done several years ago and the high quality wide plank engineered oak floor was now looking tired and grubby.

Early on a site meeting established that the building had underfloor heating, this can be an issue when restoring wooden floors, particularly wide boards, but such was the quality of product used there was no sign of any distortion of the floor at all. During discussions with the client it was established what their need where.

1)      A floor finish that was sympathetic to the look and feel of the building.
2)       Something easy to maintain and replenish without the need for re sanding
3)      Flexibility of application (the budget didn’t stretch to do doing all the areas at once so we needed to be able to “blend in” the bordering areas to be done at a later stage)
4)      A safe product for contractors, visitors and exhibits.
5)      Fast curing

Finishing the wood floor in a commercial premises

As huge fans of the high quality Pallmann wood floor products we were already fairly certain that the very popular Pallmann Magic Oil was the correct product for the job. However, due to the significance of the building and the technical questions posed by the underfloor heating, we thought it would be prudent to invite a technical representative (Mike Hamer) from Pallmann to take a look. Fortunately, after talking to the client and taking a good look at the floor Mike gave us the go ahead to use Pallmann Magic Oil.

wood floor advice for commercial property

Blaenavon heritage centre

The commercial floor sanding project was carried out over 2 days in mid-January. We sanded the floor using our new Spider sanding machine (more of that on another blog) and applied Magic Oil. Due to the number of exhibits, computers etc. we had to be very flexible in our working practices, sanding and finishing some rooms individually and then re-instating them very quickly, something which is just not possible with lacquers. By the end of day two the computer room, main hall, entranceway and teaching room where completely restored leaving a beautiful, easy to maintain finish. The zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) Pallmann Magic Oil finish left no nasty smells and being fully cured in 12 hours was ready for full use the next day.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff at the Blaenavon Heritage Centre, they are genuinely lovely people, this area is well worth a visit. Find out more about Blaenavon Heritage Centre.

If you have a commercial floor sanding or restoration project and would like flexibility in how the floor restoration team complete the project, please contact our team of floor sanding experts at Ultimate Floor Sanding.  Find your local floor sanding specialist.

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