Bristol to Paris cycle challenge: Tougher than a hardwood prep tool.

Back in May this year Adrian Cunnington of Floor Blimey! Joined 8 friends who took it upon themselves to cycle from Bristol to Paris to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Off The Record, a Bristol based mental health charity for kids.

They set off from Downend in Bristol at the beginning of the hottest week of the year and began 5 days of what Adrian describes as one of his toughest challenges to date. Not being a regular cyclist – Adrian is more the type to jump out of bed on a whim and do 80 miles off the cuff than steadily train, he found it extremely hard but of course incredibly worthwhile.

On the first day despite intending to road ride, the ‘bike’ sat went wrong so the team ended up riding across grass and cycle paths alongside beautiful canals and picturesque scenery. This was of course really tough but enjoyable and the swans enjoyed tagging along in the water too. A very good day in all and they finished up after 80 miles at a cheap yet cheerful youth hostel and enjoyed their evening BBQ.

Day 2 was a complete contrast and took them around the bottom of London where they followed the M25 to a distance of 90 miles.

Day 3 was ferry day and saw them arrive at Dover in 23-degree heat. But the respite of the boat was brief and when they arrived in France the temperature had reached an almost unbearable 37 degrees. As Adrian described it- “it was like riding through an oven and you had to mentally detach yourself from your body and use it as a tool to keep going. “ no wonder he credits it as being the toughest day of his life.

Day 4 was Thank fully much cooler and the road relatively flat so the group rode easily through the beautiful French countryside.

Day 5. The last day and a 60-mile ride into Paris. Another tough day but made easier by the knowledge that the end was in sight. They’d overcome the biggest challenges of the journey as a team and now the big arrival!

But it wasn’t as easy as they’d envisaged. Unfortunately, none of them had really thought about the logistics of getting through Paris traffic.  And whilst friends and family watched the live feed of their arrival on social media the team – after careful negotiation – came to the conclusion that the best way forward was to just head into the traffic!  But all was well and they arrived at the Eiffel tower in one piece, well 7, – elated and proud.

The boys got plenty of congratulations, likes and love from their social media audience, made a few calls to loved ones and took loads of photos before heading back to their hostel for a night a great food and beer. Propped up greatly by Adrian the only French speaking member of the team- another reason to be chuffed!

All in all. it was a great experience and they managed to raise nearly £4000 for the chosen charities.

A big thanks to all that supported including The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company who made it possible by sponsoring accommodation and kit.

Bring on Mount Kilimanjaro for next year!……The British Heart Foundation and  Off the Record are always looking for fundraisers click the links to see how you can help.

Adrian Cunnington is our recommended Ultimate Floor Sanding Contractor in Bristol.  See the floor sanding Bristol page or call 0333 93 901 93 for more information.

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pine floor after restoration

Is it worth restoring your pine floor?

Have you discovered floorboards under your carpet? Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s worth having them sanded and restored to make them your flooring of choice? Here we discuss the factors to consider when deciding is it worth restoring your pine floor? There are a few things to consider, we hope this short guide will help you make the right choice.

It may seem obvious but before you do anything ask yourself which type of floor covering you would prefer, soft or hard? Don’t make a decision based on price, we often find that a full restoration can often be cheaper to complete than buying and fitting a mid-range carpet. After all, you have to live in your home so you must have what you want!

Have a professional look at the condition of the floor. On the odd occasion, we have come across floors that are ‘too far gone’ to restore. This may be due to plumbers and electricians cutting and breaking boards, woodworm or dampness. We have also seen floors which are unsafe due to the beams underneath being weak, this causes much more expense and needs to be taken into consideration.

pine floor boards before sanding


Boards can be replaced with reclaimed timber, these can look different to the original boards when sanded because they will have come from a different tree, from a different forest in a different country.  Having a professional inspect the floor will help your decision on if it’s worth having your pine floor sanded and restored.


The likelihood is your pine floor is in good enough condition to be sanded and restored. We would always recommend having a professional do the work; in our experience, the result will be far better. However, if that is not an option for you talk to your local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company floor sanding expert about how to do it, he may be able to hire a machine to you if you fancy having a go yourself.

Is it worth restoring your pine floor? – Gaps in the Floor

Would you like to have the gaps between the boards filled? There are several advantages to this one being done. It will help to insulate the room from drafts, the other advantage is it makes the floor look much nicer as you are effectively turning the floor into a solid wood floor.

Restoring a Pine Floor – Choosing a Finish

pine floorboards after restoration


The type of finish to use is also important. There are basically two types of wood floor finish, polyurethane (varnishes) and oils. Polyurethane is a ‘topical finish’, that is it sits on the top of the wood like any paint providing a resilient clear protective layer which is easy to maintain. Oil is a ‘penetrating finish’, it flows into the pores of the wood protecting it from the inside. If it’s a quality wood floor oil like the Pallmann Magic Oil that we use, it will also form a cross-linking layer on the surface for extra protection.

Both of these finishes can be applied over a colour to give you floor even more character.

Whichever way you decide to go, DIY or hiring an expert, get a professional in first. Most offer free quotes and advice and after all, the more information you have the better.

About the Author

commercial pine floor restorationThis blog post was written by Adrian Cunnington our floor sanding expert in Taunton. Adrian also covers the areas around Bristol and Bath.

If you would like to arrange for Adrian to provide you with a free no obligation quote and advice please call Freephone 0333 93 901 93

Visit Adrian’s page on our website Floor Sanders in Bristol

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Dance hall floor restoration Bristol

Wood floor restoration in Bristol – Commercial Projects

Looking for professional wood floor restoration in Bristol? The wood floor at your business or commercial premises may have got to the point that it’s tired, scratched and worn looking and in need of professional restoration. We understand that it’s important your business is an attractive place for your customers but that any ‘down time’ can cost money! Our floor sanding and restoration system is designed to be fast and effective and DUST FREE, and what’s more we promise we will be finished when we say or earlier!

Commercial Wood floor restoration in Bristol – Flexible Hours

Clients with commercial or business premises who require wood floor restoration in Bristol or Somerset often need the restoration work to take place outside of business hours. This is particularly the case with retail units, hotels, bars and restaurants that want to minimise the impact on customers. Our operators are familiar with the requirements of busy commercial and business premises, having completed many similar projects. We are happy to provide the option of completing wood floor restoration work to commercial premises outside of business hours.


Our wood floor restoration system

Our experienced team of operators providing wood floor restoration in Bristol and Somerset can help you restore the wood floor at your business using proven methods and sealing products. These high-quality finishing products are suitable for the high traffic areas common in commercial premises and will keep your wood floor looking great for longer.

Environmentally Green – Wood Floor Treatment Products

Most floor sanding companies use heavy solvent based sealing products, which are bad for the environment. The Pallmann, commercial grade finishing products we use are all either solvent free or extremely low in solvent content, making them environmentally friendly. All our wood floor restoration experts in Bristol are approved by Pallmann as Parkettprofi contractors, which means their work is covered by a two-year product guarantee. This type of Pallmann backed guarantee is totally unique within our industry and sets The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company apart from our competition.

Contact our wood floor restoration experts in Bristol

If you have a business or commercial premises that requires wood floor restoration services in Bristol why not contact Adrian, your local Ultimate Floor Sanding approved contractor. Freephone 0333 9390193 (it’s free from landlines and mobiles) and arrange a no obligation quotation. Find out more about Adrian and his team on the Bristol floor sanding provider page.

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oil or lacquer for wood floor

Oil or Lacquer for Your Wood Floor – What to Choose?

Oil or Lacquer – What to choose?

Scenario. You have moved into your new home and have found a beautiful old timber floor under the carpet. You decide to have it restored by your local floor sanding professional. At some point, he should ask you which type of finish you would prefer. So, should you choose oil or lacquer for your wood floor?

How you decide which finish to use, will depend upon various things.  First, you need to decide what style of finish you like.  For example, do you like a shiny look or do you prefer a more natural looking finish?  Second, the finish you choose will have a lot to do with the traffic the floor is likely to experience.  And finally, of course, there’s the maintenance question to be answered.  How important is low maintenance to you?

Oil or Lacquer?

There are two main options when it comes to wood flooring finishes.  Firstly there’s lacquer, which is a durable, low maintenance option but can be prone to scratching.  Secondly, there’s oil which is slightly less durable but easier to repair if the floor starts to look a bit tired or scratched.

Wood Floor Lacquers

Most lacquers, even matt lacquers give an appearance of an obvious coating to your floor, whereas oils sink in, enhancing the grain of the wood and giving a more natural look.  The reason that lacquer looks more obvious is that it effectively sits on top of the wood, rather than sinking in.  What this means is that lacquer has a tendency to get worn looking in high traffic areas.  What happens is that the traffic effectively sands away the lacquer and leaves scratches on the surface. The only way to repair this damage is to re-sand the whole floor and start again.

Wood floor oil

Pallmann Magic oil 2KWood floor oil has the advantage of having a low build up and comes in a low gloss finish, which helps mask slight imperfections caused by wear and tear.  A wood floor finished with oil can be easily repaired at any time with a simple wipe of oil on a soft, dry, cotton cloth.  Furthermore, extreme stains can be scoured away and re-oiled if necessary.

So, in summary, how you choose your wood floor finish depends very much on your personal tastes. After all, whether it’s oil or lacquer, you have to live with it.

About the Author

This article was written by Adrian Cunnington at Floor Blimey. Adrian offers expert floor sanding and finishing services in Bath, Bristol and Taunton areas. Thanks to Adrian for sharing his expertise on wood floor finishing options with us. Find out more about Adrian’s work by visiting his Ultimate Floor Sanding Company provider page.

For professional floor sanding and finishing in Bristol and surrounding areas call  Floor Blimey on Freephone 0333 9390193 .

If you are looking for an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please Freephone 0333 9390193 or check out our Find a Provider page.

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Dance Floor Restoration – Bristol

Adrian Cunnington, the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company provider in Bristol recently undertook an interesting commercial floor sanding project, involving the restoration of a very popular dance hall floor in Bristol.  The maple floor was over 40 years old, which meant that as well leaving a smooth as silk finish that looked stunning, Adrian and his team has to professionally sand a floor that had already been sanded on numerous occasions –  without taking off the veneer.  Find out more about how Adrian and his team managed this commercial floor sanding project and see how the dance floor restoration looked in the end!

Dance Floor Restoration – Adrian’s Story

The owner of the dancehall floor was keen to keep the custom of the numerous dancing enthusiasts who use the facility on a nightly basis. It was therefore important that the floor not only looked great but was smooth as silk to make some dance moves possible!

One of the key elements of this dance hall floor restoration project was that we needed to provide a long-lasting coating system because the floor is 40 years old and had been sanded several times before. The issue here is that if a dance floor like this is sanded too many times the veneer will be lost and the floor will need to be replaced.

Using the Ultimate Floor Sanding dust free floor sanding system, we then applied a base coat, followed by three coats of our strongest lacquer, making sure we lightly sanded in between coats to leave a smooth finish suitable for dancing on. I think you’ll agree the results are simply stunning.

Dance floor restoration – Video

Follow the full dance floor restoration project as it unfolds in this video.

This article was written by Adrian Cunnington, one of our expert floor sanding contractors.

If you have a dance floor restoration project or require a floor sanding and finishing service in the Bristol area contact Floor Blimey. Quotes from Adrian and his team are free and are at no obligation, call today on 0333 93 901 93 or visit our floor sanding website at:

If you are looking for a local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please check out our Find a Provider page.


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Restoration of a School Hall Floor

We were asked by a school in Keynsham near Bristol to tender for the complete restoration of a school hall floor. We were delighted to win the contract and proceed with what was an extremely environmentally conscious restoration. The school are very concerned about the environment and the children in their care and this is why we won the contract, we offered something different.

This is a multi-use space with games, drama and lunch to name a few things all happening in there all day every day. It was important that the timber floor (which was maple wood) was protected to a high level, easy to maintain and safe for the environment.


Restoration of a school hall floor – Environmentally friendly solution.

We listened to the school and recommended a product called Magic oil for the restoration of the school hall floor, magic oil is manufactured by Pallmann. Magic oil is a wax oil combination, which protects the wood from the inside and leaves a very hard protective barrier on the surface of the wood – ideal for a school hall.

The work was completed over two days and the newly restored floor was back in use the following day thanks to the fast drying time of Magic oil.

In the future, it will be very easy to “top up” the Magic oil as required. This will add to the protective coating and will eliminate the need for frequent sanding. The school are very happy with the new school hall floor and even happier that we have protected the environment and the children.

If you wish to enquire about the restoration of a school hall floor using environmentally safe products please contact us on FREEPHONE 0333 93 901 93.

This article was written by Adrian from Floor Blimey Bristol. Find out about his commercial floor sanding expertise on his website or view his profile on The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company website.

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