Stripping back the layers of varnish

Squirrel Property Services were asked by one of their clients to take a look at their wooden floor throughout their property.

The floor was from B&Q originally and was around 10 years old.  The customer had regularly been re-coating the wooden floor in Ronseal Diamond Varnish so Steven of Squirrel Property Services had never seen so many layers of varnish. Steven used the new Cubitron II belts which provided fantastic results and the customer was extremely happy with the result.


Kitchen –























Utility Room –















Living Room –


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Original Pine Floor needing Insulation

Work Requirement –

The Rolin Group were asked if noise insulation could be installed under some original pine floorboards in the top floor bedroom because walking around could be heard downstairs and television noise could be heard upstairs in the bedroom.

Work Activity

We began by lifting and taking away the old carpet and gripper rods which were left there after inspection by us until the day we were going to begin the restoration. Each pine floorboard was carefully lifted but we only had to remove a third of the boards each side because we could slide the insulation through the middle to the other end – it was measured and cut each time for a good fit.

After the whole floor had been insulated, we then began the process of replacing the pine boards using new headless nails and ensuring each one was sunk into the wooden boards before starting the sanding process.

The Pallmann Spider was the machine we decided to use and started with  40 grit discs – the machine had to endure uneven flooring but it was still effective and the edges were sanded using the Pallmann Gecko edger – the edges were interesting to sand because of sections along the skirtings had a black substance on them possibly bitumen which was very difficult to get off indeed!!

After sanding the floorboards from 40 grit to 80 grit which got a lot easier as the sanding progressed the floor was looking really good. At this stage, the customer was very happy and none of the family could hear any conversation downstairs and we didn’t know that the TV had been on very loud after we finished sanding so the insulation worked because we couldn’t hear it!

We applied Pallmann Hard Wax Oil as a sample and the client liked the colour and finish it gave to the pine floor – we rolled two coats of the Hard Wax Oil to the floor after allowing the correct drying times between coats.


Pallmann neutral cleaner was given to the client to use and we discussed maintaining the floor in the future and look forward to returning.


The client was so happy all the way through the process because it was dust free, total restoration of original boards and installation of noise insulation beneath the boards which she wasn’t sure could be done, thanked us very much for our hard work and we have been asked to restore the reception area downstairs.


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Farm Coffee Shop Floor Restoration

Work Requirement – 

The Rolin Group were contacted by a Farm in Cranbrook, Kent asking if we could restore their engineered wood floor in the coffee shop which was part of the farm shop.

The floor also needed repairs and to supply and fit marine plywood behind the counter.

Work Activity – 

The wood floor had underfloor heating and had left stripes across the boards and overall it was dirty and tired looking – we asked for the heating to be turned off so that we could apply the oil with no problems.

There were several boards that needed replacing in front of the counter which we did using spare boards that were supplied by the Manager of the shop.

We also removed the wood in front of the main door and extended the area so that a larger coir matting could be fitted at the request of the owners.

The floor removal from behind the counter was a different story!!!

Once we had taken the altro safety flooring up, we were now faced with a very damp, soft ply wood which was unexpected – we were able to take this up very easily.

The concern now was – why was the ply wet under the safety flooring, is there an unknown leak etc…

We pointed out the issue to the manager and owners and placed a large dehumidifier in the cafe.

This worked very well and dried the floor which allowed us to cut and fit the new marine plywood so it was ready for the Altro safety floor to be fitted.

The source of the leak seemed to be coming from the fishmonger next door using excessive water when cleaning the floors everyday by using a hosepipe with a spray attachment.

We carried out our normal sanding process using a Pallmann Spider,40, 60 and 80 grit sanding discs and a vacuum connected to a dust separator making the job dust free as always.

The boards were finished using a 100 grit multi hole disc and a final vacuum before applying the finish.

The lines left by the underfloor heating were sanded out leaving a good finish to now be oiled. We applied two coats of Pallmann Hard Wax Oil to the floor.

The finish was excellent and we now had very very happy clients, they had felt pads ready to put onto the chairs and tables to help prevent scratching the restored floor.

Conclusion – 

We gave the client a Pallmann Spray and Go cleaning system, explained the method of cleaning  and also a spare bottle of neutral clean.

We also discussed and set up a three times a year maintenance programme in order to keep the floor looking good at all times.

Testimonial – 

I met with the manager and owner the next day who explained that the floor was way beyond their expectations, commented that they liked the fact that whenever they contacted us, we responded immediately and were impressed with the way we worked and quality of our work.

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Through the looking glass in the pine floor

Work Requirement – 

The Rolin Group were contacted by a customer in Goudhurst, Kent to carry out a survey of the first floor hallway which had carpet on top of what they believed to be wood.

Work Activity – 

The carpet was lifted by ourselves and we were looking at original pine boards but as we were reaching the far end of the hallway, a piece of thick glass 75cm x 40cm approx was actually fixed as part of the floor with the boards fixed all around it – we were not expecting that!!!

We suspect that it might have been a sky light previously but underneath on the ground floor there was now a plastered ceiling. We checked to see if the client wanted to keep it there as a feature but once seen, she asked if we could remove it and install pine boards. We removed several boards around it and attempted to lever the glass without out breaking it in case it went through the ceiling below –

The glass had been there for many years and had been fixed in very well and after trying to loosen the glass panel, we decided to have a think of how to remove it later.

We sanded the floor using a Pallmann Spider and went through the grits from 40, 60, 80 and ended with a 100 grit multi hole. We sanded the thresholds also with a Pallmann Gecko ready for oiling. The floor was now ready for the application of two coats of Pallmann Hard Wax Oil – BUT – We still had the issue with the glass in the floor to be removed?!!

I decided to rake out the adhesive that was holding the glass in place from all around the edges and then use a Double Cupped Suction Lifter in the hope it would be enough to finally prise the glass from the joists which was also under part of the skirting board as well.

Success – we began to pull the lifter and the glass panel suddenly went very loose, came out from under the skirting board and lifted away and up!!!

We were now in the position to replace the boards we had taken out and also measure then cut reclaimed pine boards that we had with us. These were sanded once installed, some gaps filled and ready to have Hard Wax Oil applied. Where the carpet had been removed, it now left gaps under the skirting board to the pine boards – we dealt with this by using Pine slivers cut to size and gluing them in place. The Pine floor looked great and the replaced boards once oiled blended in with the rest of the floor.

Conclusion – 

The client was given Pallmann Neutral clean and it was explained how to use it etc… to keep the floor looking good and this job was definitely an unusual one to work on.

Testimonial – 

The client works from home so she was able to see the progress we made with the floor throughout the daytime and said that at one point she really thought the glass would have to stay but was very impressed that we removed it and was extremely pleased with the replacement of the oiled reclaimed boards and the whole floor overall – a very happy customer it’s safe to say.


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