Lawn Care not just Floor Care

Mike of Cornwall Floor Care helps out local gardener to save his clients wooden floor.

A couple of weeks ago a local gardener called Mike and asked him to go and see one of his clients in Rock Cornwall. The gardener had been carrying out lawn maintenance and the lawn fertiliser he had sprayed on the lawn had been walked inside and all over the clients wooden floor. The fertiliser had left a crusty residue in the shape of footprints – not a great look.

Whilst Mike and his team where cleaning the floor they mentioned to the client that the engineered oak floor finish was worn out and the floor was starting to show heavy wear and damage. Sanding and refinishing were discussed as an option, but the client informed Mike that the floor had been sanded before and that the original sanding company had said it couldn’t be sanded again. Following a brief inspection it was clear to see that there was at least 4mm left and it was a job for the Pallmann Spider and Magic Oil.

Mike sanded and finished the floor and left the client with cleaners, a flat mop system and bottles of cleaner/ maintainer. Following the successful completion of the floor sanding the client then asked Mike to strip, hone, deep clean and seal her limestone floors – both floors have turned out amazing and the client was over the moon.


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Squirrel Property Services take on tabletops

Here at Ultimate Floor Sanding we are all about the repair and refurbishment of wooden floors, but this week one of our Affiliate members, Squirrel Property Services, took on the job of refurbishing wooden kitchen worktops.

The job: 

Following lots of wear and tear the customer was ready to rip out their wooden kitchen worktops and have them replaced at great cost. Whilst searching for a local kitchen company to replace the worktops the customer came across Squirrel Property Services on Facebook and made an enquiry out of hope that the worktops could be salvaged.

Steven and the team at Squirrel Property Services sanded the wooden kitchen worktops then water popped and left them to dry overnight. The worktops then received two coats of Pallmann Magic Oil to seal and protect the newly sanded worktops.

Not only did the customer save on the expense of ripping out and replacing the worktops but they were also amazed with how little mess was created.


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Cornwall FloorCare make friends with a spider

The team at Cornwall FloorCare have been making friends with a spider and more specifically the Pallmann Spider. When Mike and his team where called in to take a look at a 4mm thick engineered floor in one of their clients holiday homes, they knew that the Spider would be up to the job, making short work of the sanding without the risk of going through the boards.


The job was finished with the assistance of Pallmann Magic Oil and the customer was left with the appropriate cleaning liquids and instructions on how to care for their newly refurbished floor. Another successful job completed for Cornwall FloorCare.

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