Rolin Cleaning Services Kent Wood Flooring

Rolin Cleaning Services Kent To The Rescue

We were called to a house in Croydon, Surrey, to restore two floors consisting of a living room and hallway. A damaged section had been replaced and stained by a contractor sent by the insurance company. Rolin Cleaning Services Kent to the rescue.

The homeowner wasn’t happy with the different colour of the new and old floor – I completed a report for the customer to his insurance company advising that the existing floor in the living room after sanding and oiling would probably look different to the hallway floor which ran continuously throughout the living room.

The customer wanted it all to look the same, and the Insurance company accepted my report and quotation to carry out the work.

We took off the top very easily using 40 grit paper, and a Pallmann Spider and the darkened area stained by the contractor came off as well, so we had the floor all looking the same now

After filling the floor with 80 grit dust and Pallmann filler, we sanded it off, and after 100 grit as well it was ready for two coats of Pallmann Magic Oil.

Next day after a good vacuuming of the floor, we completed the two coats of oil, and it looked great.

I noticed a missed call on my phone, and it was a message from the client asking for a return call to speak about how he and his wife discussed having a polished finish to the floor.

I called him back and explained that the oil had been applied and a “polished” finish wasn’t what was applied nowadays – I described what the floor now looked like and he then couldn’t wait to get home to see it – I text some pictures to him.

I returned next day ready to have a conversation about the floor, colour, finish etc. The couple had discussed the oiled floor and loved the new look of it – with us having taken the manufacturers finish off and applying Magic oil, this had brought out the grain of the wood, and a warm colour made it look like a good oak floor.

The client’s wife said she was happy not to have a “polished” look now and was very pleased with the results.

Rolin Cleaning Services Kent Wood Floor Restoration

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Rolin Cleaning Services Kent Pine Floor Restoration

Rolin Cleaning Services Kent: Pine Floor & Parquet Floor Restoration

We were called to carry out the restoration of a Pine floor in the living room and five finger Parquet floor in the hallway in a house in Maidstone, Kent.

I had to attend Floorskills Training Centre taking my Pallmann Spider with me for a chip upgrade by Klauss who was arriving from Germany that day – a big thank you to Stuart and Mike at Pallmann for lending me a Spider so my team could carry on with day one in my absence.

They did very well, completing the pine floor that day and a very happy customer was now waiting for her hallway to be completed next day

It was the first time Chrissy had applied magic oil to a floor, and she did very well – we have had her filling a floor as well since then!!


The parquet had been done over the years by the customer, and a thick layer had built up around the edges and door frames – we sanded back using my Pallmann Spider and completed the edges with a Pallmann Gecko Flex and Festool R90 for the corners, and we got it back to where it should have been

The floor was good to oil now – we applied two coats of Pallmann Magic Oil, and with a final buff with the rotary machine, it looks really good and a now extremely satisfied customer.

Rolin Cleaning Services Kent Five Finger Parquet Flooring

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