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What to look for in your Floor Sanding contractor?  

Your wooden floor has for many years cried out for help. The time has finally arrived for the restoration to commence. For many people choosing the right wood floor restoration contractor can be a daunting task. This guide is written to help you ask the right questions to help you make an informed decision, so your fully up to speed on what to look for in your floor sanding contractor.

Start with the end in mind.

It is extremely important to know what you would like to achieve. Know what the room will look like once completed. Will it have a modern feel or will it shine with a more contemporary glory? Knowing how you want your wood floor to look after it has been refinished helps your floor sanding contractor to understand the best options in finishes for your wood floor.

Pallmann PALL-X 98

Pallmann PALL-X 98

For a more natural look Pallmann Magic Oil will deliver a more matt toned down feel that offers easy repair properties and is very hard wearing.

Would you prefer a sheen to the surface? Your solution lies in a Pallmann 2 Part Lacquer finish such as Pallmann Pall-X 98 Gold or Pallmann Extreme. These also work extremely well on a wooden bathroom floor.

Prior to getting your potential floor sanding contractor to quote for the work ensure you research these products so you are well informed when discussing the process with your contractor. This offers a further benefit. If you discover that the potential contractor does not have all the facts or is not working to high standards, researching these wood floor finishing products in advance can help you can identify this early on. Find out more about Pallmann products here. You’ll be looking at the Surface Treatment products.

Be very wary of contractors that offer you a price over the phone.

When you are choosing a wood floor sanding contractor you should be very wary of contractors who offer a price over the phone. They should at least do a site survey to ensure they can identify the type of wood in use, if there is any potential asbestos risk and talk through with you what you are looking for. A good contractor will also be able to provide feedback on suggested finishes based on the light in the room and the amount of wear and tear the wood floor is subject to.

Choosing a wood floor sanding contractor – Prepare for the visit

As we mentioned before, it is greatly beneficial to get a good understanding of the floor sanding process and the best products for your wood floor prior to talking to potential floor sanding contractors so you can sift out the good from the bad.

Questions to ask your floor sanding contractor

Here are a few questions you can ask to help identify the good contractors:

Do you offer a money back guarantee for your work and for exactly how long? Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliates offer a 2 year Parkett Profi Warranty (  with the floor finishing service if the flooring conditions are right. Your contractor will be able to supply you with all the information.

Do you have current insurance and what does it cover? You would expect your contractor to have full professional indemnity insurance, which means that in the unlikely event of anything breaking or damage occurring, you’ll be fully reimbursed.

What training have you completed and when was the last course you attended? All Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliates attend regular training events and are constantly update their knowledge and working practices.

What oil will you use on the floor and does it come with a hardener that makes it more hard wearing? Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliates use 2 part Pallmann Magic Oil, in our opinion the very best floor oil on the market.

What lacquer will you use on the floor and does it come with a hardener that makes it more hard wearing? The Pallmann range of floor finishes comes in single component or 2 component finishes. If a room requires hardener (like a bathroom or kitchen in some cases) your Ultimate floor sanding Affiliate contractor will be able to specify the correct product

Floor Sanding Contractors Cambridge

This article was written by Pierre de Wet, one of our expert floor sanding contractors.

For a comprehensive floor sanding and finishing service in the Cambridgeshire area contact Art of Clean on 01223863 632 or visit our floor sanding sites at:

If you are looking for a local Ultimate Floor Sanding Company recommended floor sanding contractor in your local area, please FREEPHONE 0333 93 901 93 or check out our Floor Sanding Provider page.

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Asbestos – The Dangers for Wood Floor Sanders and DIYers


In February 2012 my mother died of cancer, sad but not unremarkable, she died of lung cancer, again nothing strange, it is, by far, the most prolific form of cancer. Specifically, she died of pleural mesothelioma……. blank faces all round I am guessing.  Ok let’s start to fill in some of those blanks, her death was caused by asbestos, a woman who never worked in industry, in fact, was a carer for her mother in her early life and a carer for her family in her later life, as was common in those times. I would like to say that this is a rare occurrence and statistically, it is, (the risk of contracting this disease is 1 in 60 for men but 1 in 773 for women), but the occurrence of secondary contamination is actually higher in women, I’ll come back to that. While most forms of cancer are decreasing, the incidence of mesothelioma is on the increase, (4 fold since the 1980s), it is not due to peak until 2016 and the UK has the second highest incidence in the world.  All very interesting says’ you, what the hell has this got to do with the floor sanding industry?

Asbestos in Vinyl Floor Tiles

About 6 weeks ago a colleague rang me and asked if I had ever sanded off vinyl floor tiles, they were in his daughters’ bedroom and he wanted rid of them, spot the danger yet? No, neither did he, you see in properties built before 1980, vinyl tiles could contain asbestos, in fact, if those tiles are 9” x  9” there is a 95% chance that they DO contain asbestos. Incredibly, despite the fact that the Romans identified the link between this naturally occurring mineral and the early deaths by respiratory disease of the slaves who mined it, we decided to put it in just about everything once the industrial revolution really kicked in, (it’s usage peaked in 1963, blue and brown asbestos were banned in 1985 and white asbestos in 1999).

Where Asbestos might be in your Home

In the flooring and floor sanding industry, this means vinyl sheeting, vinyl tiles the adhesives and mastics to fix them, the backing papers and the damp proof membranes underneath them may contain asbestos. If you leave these products alone they are considered benign but cutting, sawing or sanding them not only endangers health but may be illegal, (see and this is where I come back to my earlier point about secondary contamination. If you have no regard for your own health that is your choice but consider secondary contamination. One of the theories put forward for my mum’s death was that she breathed in a fibre (it only takes one) from her fathers’ overalls when she was a child (he was a plumber) and 50 + years later it killed her, remember it’s usually diagnosed late by which time it’s inoperable and currently there is NO CURE.

I was asked to write this article for our floor sanding website on several occasions but felt I wasn’t qualified. I’m not an expert on the subject, I run a floor sanding business. However, I decided to go ahead, it is a subject very close to my heart, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate. The information on the dangers of asbestos, however, is out there and very accessible (even down to the names of the companies prosecuted for breach of the legislation).  If you work in any industry where you MAY come into contact with asbestos you are legally obliged to undergo awareness training, a list of companies carrying out this training is available If you are starting a DIY project you should also make yourself aware of the potential threat of asbestos.

My colleague, once alerted to the danger his tiles potentially posed, was quickly able to access the specific information he needed and he took the required action. As well as hopefully opening your eyes to the issues of asbestos I am writing this article as I want you to “think on” as our northern colleagues would say. The dangers of asbestos were known for centuries but we didn’t just use it where it was essential, (there weren’t insulating alternatives for many years) we CHOSE to put it in where there WERE options.

The parallels with wood floor finishing products and solvent use are clear, the law is clear, the health information is clear. Choosing the right wood floor finish is vital and if you don’t know what I am talking about do some research or email me.

Image credit: Bradley Environmental UK

If you are in the USA and have been affected by mesothelioma please see this link

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